Summer Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Minimalistic table centerpieces for wedding

Unique wedding table decor with vintage books and flowers


Summer weddings are special because they get to use to their advantage all the great things about the season – an abundance of flowers in different colours as well as great weather. This definitely makes it easier when it comes to choosing wedding colour combos and unique wedding table centerpiece.



Vintage tea pot put on vintage books



There are so many options to choose from but this doesn’t make the decision-making process easier! If you already have your wedding theme colours decorating the tables will be a lot smoother.

Minimalistic floral wedding table decor


Here is our list of table centerpiece ideas to inspire you.


Small table centerpiece

Flowers as a wedding decor


If you are looking for wedding reception table flower centerpieces for an outdoor event look at the smaller ones. Cute little vases filled with field flowers are a great option for a vintage, outdoor wedding.


Flowers growing out of tea cups standing on piece of woods


Summer wedding look with flowers put in bottles


Floral wedding table decor


They look casual and carry that laid-back vibe. Leave the tall, imposing centerpiece for the indoor events and pick something smaller and more casual for an outdoor wedding party.


Fresh & colourful

Two plates with bagels and nicely decorated wedding table with leaves


If you are looking for a centerpiece to suit a Mediterranean, beach themed or rustic wedding style then a mix of bright citruses will look beautiful.


Wedding table full of flowers


Lemon and flowers filled vases as a wedding table decor


An elegant arrangement or bright yellow lemons, fresh green limes on a white background is a great choice for a summer, outdoor wedding reception.



Different kind of flowers on the wedding table accompanied with a bottle of wine and glasses


For a more dramatic look choose an all-white table and contrast with colourful centerpieces.


Different kinds of flowers and candles around


Pampas grass, candles and flowers on the wedding table


Flowers and wine glasses


Pick flowers that stand out on the crisp, white background and catch the eye. Play with different shades of one colour to achieve a cohesive but dynamic décor.


Minimalist design

Candles with leaves around them on the wedding table


Cozy minimalist table decor


Use transparent containers and display your flowers like that. A heavy, glass vase filled with gentle, white kala flowers will make for an elegant and stylish look.


Minimalist table decor with vases filled with leave flowers


Dried flowers hanging from the roof and minimalist table decor


Minimal wedding table decor with flowers


This is an idea for a very classy and sophisticated décor which is also minimalistic.

Fruits instead of flowers

Pineapple as wedding table decor


Fruits are great for autumn centerpieces, but they can be used during the summer too.


Fruits put in a big basket and surrounded with candles


Avocado and pumpkin as wedding table decor


Fruits, flowers and a candle as wedding table decor


Mix in some bright citruses into your floral arrangements or use carved watermelons as vases, the options are endless. Fruits and flowers make for a powerful duo when it comes to wedding decorations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a unique table décor.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you for your own dreamy summer wedding. Make the best out of the abundance and colours of the season and make them work for you on your special day!


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