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Weird animal

We all agree that Nature is beautiful. But it can also be quite weird. Just when you think you have seen it all, Nature amazes you with another strange creature that lives on this Planet.


Unusual animals

Here is a list of weird animals from around the world that will surprise you. Take a look!




Talking about strange animals we cannot miss the oarfish. It is hard to see because it lives at the bottom of the ocean. It was found dead off the coast of Australia and this is how people saw it for the first time. For sure it is not the type of animal you would like to encounter on the beach during your summer vacation.



Giant Oarfish swimming with a diver


Frilled shark

Frilled shark swimming free


This is one of the most unusual animals in the world. It is a prehistoric shark with sharp teeth. It lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, so it is not easy to see one.


Man with Japanese spider crab in his hand


Japanese spider crab

The Japanese spider crab is huge and some people even call it Crabzilla. One of the biggest crabs of this kind measured 10 feet from claw to claw.


mole rat in his hole


Naked mole rat

Naked mole rats are weird creatures that live in colonies underground. They are usually found in sub-Saharan Africa and some people even find them cute.


gharial crocodile on river shore



The Gharial is a type of crocodile found in India. It is about the size of a man, but a lot more terrifying. It has a huge jaw and needle-like teeth. And this is the type of animal you don’t want to meet.


weird animals mata-mata turtle


Mata-Mata Turtle

If you look at this animal you will immediately know why it is called the weirdest turtle ever. It has a very asymmetrical face and it doesn’t look like any other turtle you have seen in your life.


Lamprey swimming with open mouth


Sea Lamprey attached to a rock underwater



Some people think this is one of the funny looking animals, but it is actually quite strange. It lives in the ocean and appeared near Portland, Oregon.


funny looking animals colorful insect


As you have seen by now, Nature can surprise us in various ways. These are only some of the weird animals we share our planet with. What are the strangest animals you know?


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