Pets at Home? Top Designer Pet Houses For Your Furry Friend

Dog in modern cabin pet house

Wooden Cabinet turned into modern dog house

Pets at Home? Top Designer Pet Houses For Your Furry Friend can say no to those eyes? Whether it means pet spa day, designer pet house or a luxury bed, pet owners are ready to do anything for their cute animals at home.

Dog sitting in a wooden cabinet house

If you are one of these pet owners, then you should know that designer pet houses have never been more on-trend. Here are some great cat and dog houses that your pet will love.


Scandinavian Design

Cat in a cubic pet house Scandinavian Design



If you are a minimalist and you love efficient, sophisticated furniture which is both minimal and aesthetically pleasing this one if for you.


Modern Scandinavian style pet house in grey


Cat in a simple pet house Scandinavian Design


Scandinavian Style white minimal pet house


Scandinavian design furniture for cats and dogs is becoming a hit. Smooth edges, minimalist design and soft cushion where your furry friend can enjoy their time, they have it all. What more can a pet wish for?


Luxury Teepee

Dog staning in a luxury large tepee pet house


If you are looking for house of dogs and cats, which is creative and fun, we present you the tepee. Just like there are tepees for toddlers, now there are models for pets.


Creative white tepee pet house and a dog next to it


Not only humans can enjoy glamorous camping, their four-legged friends can join it too.


Modern Glass House

Cat relaxing in her modern glass pet house


If you cannot afford a sleek, modern, glass house, then get one for your pet. It is a designer small house dogs which is very impressive and unique.


Modern glass house cat on a wall with a cat inside


Glass pet house with a armchair and a dog


It is quite pricey but your pet’s face after they see it will be worth every penny.


Multifunctional House

Cat inside a wooden cabinet


This is one of the best house dogs. It has everything your fur baby may need. The all-in-one house comes with a pillow, feeder, rooftop storage space and a place for all dog accessories.


Two puppies in their pet house under a sofa



With this house both yours and your pet’s life will be much more comfortable and organized.

Coffee Table House

Cat climbing coffee table


A coffee table and pet house combined? This is genius! It is compact enough for small spaces and also stylish enough for design-conscious people and their posh pets. The coffee table option is great for double dog house designs for your beloved pets.


Two kitties inside coffee table pet house


Our pets deserve to live in style just like we do, so why not surprise them with a designer home? We hope these ideas have inspired you for the next home you decide to buy for your furry companion.


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