Match Made in Heaven- Best Wine and Appetizer Pairings


Most people would agree that a glass of wine is good on its own. But if you match it with the right snack you will take it to a whole new level. Impress your guests and family with delicious combinations.


woman in a blue and white dress holding a champagne glass and a plate with appetizers


Read on to learn more about the best wine and appetizer pairings for your next celebration.


cheese balls looking like tangerines with small crostini and a glass of red wine on a wooden cutting board



Cheese balls

Cheese balls are one of the best wine appetizers. Pair them with a juicy, soft red wine like merlot or sauvignon blanc and you will get a match made in heaven.


nachos in a large plate on a wooden cutting board with two glasses of red wine decorated with rosemary branches and pomegranate



Everybody loves nachos but you wonder why they are on a list of wine and appetizer pairings? After all, nachos are beer foods. However, the melting cheese dip and nachos go very well with a fruity red like merlot or zinfandel.


bruschette on a white platter with a glass of red wine on a wooden table surface




Bruschetta and crostini are the classic wine pairing appetizers. Top them with fresh tomatoes and pair them with dry like pinot grigio or red Chianti. Meat toppings are better combined with red wine.


appetizer with smoked salmon and dill paired with white wine in a bottle and a glass on a light green napkin


Smoked salmon

If you are wondering what are the best appetizers to serve with champagne, smoked salmon is an obvious choice. Of course, you can serve it with other sparkling wines as well as sauvignon blanc. You can search for the best sparkling and white wines here.


pickles and wine woman holding a small wooden square dish with different pickles on it white wooden table surface in the background and two jars of pickes



Pickles are a great party snack and they pair well with a light, fruity, crisp wine to handle the acidity. If you want a killer combo to go for pinot grigio or a dry Riesling.


large bowl with fruit salad on a wooden table with spices scattered around a glass of white wine and vintage objects in the background


Fruit Salad

Refreshing, light and delicious, fruit salads are a favourite dessert. Combine them with aromatic white wine like sauvignon blanc to complement the fruity flavours.


deviled eggs with different decorations on a plate with glasses of champagne around


Deviled Eggs

Another popular party snack is usually paired with Prosecco. This crisp wine with clear the palate and prepare the taste buds for another egg.


sushi rolls and wine on a white table two elegant glasses of white wine


Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls are a simple yet satisfying appetizer which goes well with a lighter Pinot Noir wine that will not overwhelm the palate.


mussels in a large black pan with sauce and a wooden spoon lemons scattered around and a bottle of wine



Mussels in the Marinara sauce are a wonderful appetizer which brings the classic French flavours to the table. Pair the mussels with white wine.


wine and finger food a plate with delicious finger food and two glasses of wine


You have already seen our best wine and appetizer pairings and are well prepared for your next party or get-together. With all these delicious ideas, you will have plenty of finger foods masterfully paired with wines to serve your guests.


wine appetizers three hands holding glasses with red wine over a table covered in different appetizers


You are ready to face any pairing challenge! Pick crowd-pleasing wines which are also palate-cleansing, combine them with tasty snacks and let your friends enjoy this match made in heaven.


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