Most Beautiful Birds On The Planet


Rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet is small, brightly colored Australian parrot.These birds inhabit rainforest, open woods and clearings, the plains, mangrove forests, parks and gardens in Australia. Lori reaches 35 cm. length, weigh up to 133 grams and lives up to 20 years. It is very colorful and on its feather you can recognize almost all colors of the rainbow. In Australia it was declared unwanted animal, because it is extremely aggressive, especially with regard to food. Often takes the territory of other birds their food.


Rainbow lorikeet bird


Rainbow lorikeet bird 1

Golden pheasant

The Golden Pheasant is another bird that attracts attention with its exceptional colors. It occurs in China, although breeding in countries such as England. Pheasants are not known as good pilots, so usually they walk on the ground.



bird gold pheasant


Zoologists have noticed that when exposed to the sun, they fade. Shady forests that those birds inhabit retain their bright colors. When trying to impress female, male spreads his orange “cloak” and only his eyes can be seen. Exceptional view.


bird gold pheasant 1



The Bali Bird Of Paradise

There are many kinds of birds of paradise and they are all remarkable. There are 40 known species, most of which are in New Guinea and are known for the unique plumage in males. This particular specie has a highly elongated feathers. Once isolated island of New Guinea has been a haven for birds. Contact with the industrialized world has led to species extinction. The biggest problem for the birds are now many companies that cut down rainforests and destroying their natural habitat.


bird Bird of paradise of Bali



Red Macaw

Animals Birds Red macaw


These are big and colorful parrots with a long tail that weigh around 1 kg and can reach a speed of 55 km / h. Extremely bright their plumage varies in different colors – red, light blue, yellow, dark red, gold and even green. The skin around the eyes is white with very tiny white feathers. Can be seen in evergreen forests in the American tropics. Macaws are very social birds and form strong monogamous relationship.


Red Macaw on a tree


Usually nest in holes in trees, high above the ground or rocks. Family protects the eggs and their young aggressively. Otherwise very playful and inquisitive imitating  the human voice quite well.


Blue atthis birds /common kingfisher/

This bird is widely distributed over Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It is another colorful example of the wonders of nature. About 17-19 cm long and relatively large for its type. Common kingfisher does not have apparent sexual dimorphism – female differ from male in that the lower side of their beaks is red.


Blue Kingfisher


These birds live in wooded areas near lakes, rivers and shores are numerous enough to drive away eagles and other invaders. They feed mainly on fish, using their long beaks to hold it. Usually lurking from the branches above the water and dive to catch their prey.


Blue Kingfisher eating fish


Painted bunting

Painted Bunting on a tree


Colored blue, green and red, this little bird is often cited as the most beautiful in North America. It inhabits dense forests and gardens. Was once a popular domestic bird, but today capturing it is illegal.


Painted Bunting


Males defend their territory and are highly aggressive with each other. Birds fight to the death very often.



This is the national bird of Belize. Reaches 55 cm in length, the neb is one third of its body. While it may seem big and heavy, in fact it is composed of hollow bones covered with keratin – very light and hard protein.


Toucan bird


The toucan occurs in rainforest in height of 1900 meters in southern Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. Nests in holes in trees, where they often coexist a few birds. Due to lack of space toucan shrinks its neb and tail to the body to gather.


Chestnut-mandibled Toucan


Travel in small flocks with 30-something birds. Mostly move by flying from tree to tree, because they are good fliers. The group has family hierarchy. Birds often cause fights, using their nebs and hurling fruit.


Mandarin duck

mandarin ducks


Mandarin duck is a bird of the order Anseriformes. The name comes from the name of the administrative office in medieval China, whose performers are dressed in colorful and streaky clothes. They are among the smallest representatives and weighs between 400 and 700 grams. Unlike other ducks they do not honk but whistle and whisper.


Mandarin duck 2


They are distributed in Europe and Asia, but with very low population. In Bulgaria can be seen near the Black Sea and the Danube. Species which is not part of the natural fauna of the region. It was brought in with the help of people and established here. Now nesting in the wild without relying on humans.

A special feature of these birds is that they feel more comfortable in the trees than in the water and most often can be seen perched on a high branch. Here is their other name – forest and wood ducks.


Gouldian finch



Native to northern Australia, gouldian finch is considered a bird with the brightest feathers of Earth, making it the most beautiful kind finch. In length it reaches 13-15 cm, while the male has noticeably longer feathers in the middle of the tail. Named after the name of the famous English naturalist Gould, who traveled in 1840 in northern and northeastern Australia. Unwittingly became their discoverer.


gouldian finches


Male has a Blue-Violet colored breast, black throat and golden-orange belly and tail is gray-green. All colors of the feathers are extremely harmonious coloring and contrast. The female also has a beautiful plumage, but its colors are faded and not so attractive. Gouldian finches do not like cold. They are active and very energetic birds and live in huge flocks.


Indian peacock

Indian peacock 2


Peacock is large bird from family Game birds and is characterized by the presence of multiple color variations that have occurred due to human intervention. Most common in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka at an altitude of 2,000 m. It inhabits jungles, woodlands and farmlands near the settlements. The peacock is the national bird of India and is a protected species. Males are more colorful and brightly colored with long tail feathers, which have characteristic “eyes-like” feather on the tail. While females are greyish in color, a nondescript and do not have extended tail. Characteristic coloring full brightness develops to the third year. Life expectancy is about 20 years.


Indian peacock


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