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It’s colorful, it’s eclectic, it’s fun and it has the power to transform your home. It is Boho home décor. If you want to add a little bit of bohemian decor into your space we are here to give you some ideas and inspiration. Spring is perfect for updating your home décor and styling it with a free-spirit fashion is so much fun. You can play with colors, textures and patterns, creating a unique, artistic boho chic interior.


The key to boho home décor is in the mixing and matching of colors, patterns, textures and unlike pieces. When adding different colors into the mix don’t be afraid to experiment with a wide variety of hues. Here are some ideas to get you started with your bohemian décor.

Natural Inspiration




If you love botanical and floral prints then bohemian décor is something you should definitely try. Nature-inspired décor pieces are great as part of the eclectic spirit of the boho interior. Use floral rugs, decorative cushions and throws around the room mixing and matching different patterns.






Another great idea is adding a gallery wall full of butterflies, birds or plants as part of the theme. Opt for boho furniture made of wood, bamboo or rattan and fill your space with natural elements.


Feminine Feel





Even if you decide to style your home in bohemian fashion there is still enough space for a feminine touch to it. Go for cream and natural or pastel color palettes and add a pinch of coral to spice things up. This approach will make the room feel delicate and romantic.




The feminine color palettes are especially suitable for a bohemian bedroom.

Magical Crystals



Crystal lovers will get very excited now. Crystals are a great way to add texture and color to nooks and tables. They bring in beautiful shine and colors, plus each of them has a specific energy and can help you manage your mood and emotions.


Warm Lighting





The bohemian style is all about the details and this is pretty much so when it comes to lighting. The combination between natural sunlight, industrial pendants, vintage chandeliers, romantic candles or salt lamps will not only set the mood but create a great amount of interest too.


Relaxation Spots





Hammocks and canopies are a relaxing and cozy part of the bohemian home décor. Add them to a spacious living room, bedroom or balcony or any other space you like to enjoy. Canopies are a perfect addition to a bohemian bedroom, reading nook or a cozy corner. They help you bring a romantic vibe in your interior.







The bohemian interior style is great for small and big spaces, for indoors as well as for outdoors. It will add color and spice up your home décor. If you have not decided on how to style or refresh your home for the new season try these easy and beautiful boho chic decor ideas.






by Betty Stefanova


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