Zero Waste Bathroom? Mission Possible!

Sustainable bathroom with zero waste

Zero waste bathroom


The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house but it is the place where we generate a lot of waste. If you think about the products you use in the bathroom, you will realize that they are quite a lot.

Products that can be used in bathroom for zero waste


From lotions, to razors and plastic toothbrushes, we use these on a daily basis and then throw them away after some time.



Inside a bathroom cabinet zero waste things


The good news is that all these products have some great zero waste alternatives.


Homemade cosmetics
Things you need for handmade cosmetics


Even if you do not live in a strictly zero waste family, making your own cosmetics is a great idea. It’s easy to make lotions, creams and hair masks with natural ingredients from your own kitchen.


Sweet pink handmade soap bars


For example olive oil is great for dry skin, an avocado hair mask is very beneficial minus the preservatives and nasty colorants.



Safety reusable stainless razor


This is not one of the easiest zero waste swaps but it’s totally worth it because we throw a large amount of plastic razors away every year. Swap your plastic razor for a reusable stainless steel one.


Sustainable stainless razor with wooden stick

Safety razors can be recycled at the end of their life, the blades are also made of stainless steel and can be recycled too.


Tooth Brush

Reusable bamboo toothbrushes in a glass


You are probably using a plastic tooth brush, but you have never thought about it. We brush our teeth every day and we don’t pay attention to these small things until they start becoming a real problem. Each one of us throws away at least one plastic tooth brush a month; just imagine how much waste this creates? Why not swap it for a bamboo toothbrush? You can do the same swap with your plastic hair brush or comb.


Multifunctional soap bar

Handmade colorful soap bars


Instead of using several different products for the different parts of your body why don’t you try to reduce the amount of stuff you use? It’s easier than you think.


Colorful cute handmade soap bars


Lavender handmade soaps


Use a single soap bar which is good for hair, body and face. It has to be soothing and gentle and also good for sensitive skin. You can either make it yourself or get it from an artisan soap maker in your city.



Multi-colors menstrual cups


Ladies can swap their disposable pads for cloth pads or menstrual cup. They are easy to use and are definitely more environmentally friendly then the disposable option.


Vintage-like handmade large soaps


Going zero waste can actually be quite fun and can involve the whole family in creative activities like making your own cosmetics or repurposing an old object. We have a zero waste challenge for you, can you swap half of the products you use in the bathroom for their zero waste alternatives?


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