About Us

PRETEND magazine was founded in 2014 by few enthusiastic writers. The magazine was created to inspire creativity and new ideas in people with far-ranging interests in the field of culture, travel, environment, architecture, innovations, health&beauty, lifestyle, news, reviews, guides and adventure tips. Our magazine team is very fond of traveling. Therefore seeking for new adventures, enriching ourselves with different cuisines and meeting people from distant cultures.

PRETEND team seeks to unify and inform people with close interests. In addition to build a bond between different cultures, lifestyles and travelers around the globe.

The information flow is very important for us. We think that the more knowledgeable people are, the better quality of life they have. That is why our information always comes from a proven sources. PRETEND articles are written and produced by a team of staff writers, as well as some freelance journalists living around the world. We make new content for our site on an almost daily basis.

The main goal of PRETEND team is to present the world’s leading trends in art, interior design, health and beauty. Our experts focus on noteworthy travel destinations, current environmental problems, nature, unique cultures and lifestyles.

The quality of articles in PRETEND magazine is uncompromising. Our team puts a lot of work into creating quality content, accompanied by precise selected photos. PRETEND team hopes that you will find a piece of inspiration in each article that can improve your life. Inspire you and make you seek for healthier, happier and environmentally friendly life, filled with adventures.

In conclusion we would be really happy if you enjoy your time while reading us.