Most Beautiful Birds On The Planet vol.2

Hummingbird on a branch

American kestrelAmerican-Kestrel-in-Flight


This bird lives throughout western hemisphere – from Canada in the north to the Falkland Islands in the south. One of the finest and small raptors.


American kestrel 2


American kestrel (Falco sparverius)  is a small falcon, and the only kind of kites found in North and South America.



Atlantic sea parrot

Papageitaucher Fratercula


These birds nest in groups or colonies on the rocky shores of the North Atlantic Ocean. They feed on small fish and marine invertebrates.


Atlantic Puffin in Iceland Atlantic sea parrot


Unfortunately they are too trustful to people, which is why their population is strongly decreased.


Crowned crane

Crowned crane


Inhabits West and East Africa. Extremely romantic bird – their courtship can be accompanied by dances, including jumping, running, wing flapping, tossing blades of grass or a shake of the head.


African Grey Crowned Crane - Crowned crane


With its beautiful appearance and their wedding dances these cranes earn a place in our ranking.


Red cardinal



Lives mainly in the eastern United States, and Southeast Canada and Mexico. Coloration of males is bright red with a black “mask” on his face. Females are predominantly gray-brown, with red feathers on the wings, chest and neck.


Red cardinal


Females also have less prominent “mask” than the males.


Paradise tanager

paradise tanager on a tree


Inhabits eastern Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana and Guyana. That kind of bird is very specific – bright green mug and light blue bellies. Nobody remained indifferent to this beauty.


paradise tanager on a branch



Hummingbird and a flower


Sparkling colors and their unique feathers rank them among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. This little bird weighs only 1.8 grams and up to 5 cm long.




The smallest species make 50 flapping wings per second. Hummingbirds play an important role in the pollination and existence of several species of plants.


Hummingbird on a branch


The population of the bird has been reduced and many of the species are included in the International Red Book.


Pink flamingo

Pink flamingo beak


Pink flamingos live near salt lakes and sea lagoons. It feeds on plankton, worms, mussels, shrimp, insect larvae and other foods rich in carotenoids. Due to his strange curved beak, which drags in the water, it can strain and retains microorganisms from shallow places.


Pink flamingo love couple


In Europe the bird occurs in southern France and southern Spain. In Africa, the bird is most common in Morocco, southern Tunisia and Kenya. It is also found in Afghanistan and northwestern India.


Snowy owl

Snowy female owl flying


With yellow eyes, black beak and white plumage Snowy Owl bird is easily recognizable. Long 52-71 cm with a wingspan of 125-150 cm and can weigh from 1.6 to 3 kg. The Snowy Owl is one of the largest species in the genus in North America and the most severe type of owl.


Snowy male owl on a branch


The adult male bird is virtually pure white, while females and juveniles have some darker plumage feathers. With thick plumage, including the legs, and color merging with the environment during winter Snowy Owl is well adapted to life in the north of the Arctic Circle.


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