10 Myths That You Believe

Not born with all the brain cells

There are claims that are carried by word of mouth for years and gradually people have accepted as facts. Many of them are urban myths that do not stand on any scientific basis.

1. Blond and red hair will not “disappear”

Blond and red hair will not disappear Redhair girl with freckles myths


In 2002 media such as the BBC and Sunday Times cited as a fact that blondes and redheads hair disappear and in 2202 there won’t be a single person with blond hair.
This statement is not actually true and comes from a misinterpretation of inheritance in the genes. Genes do not actually disappear. Recessive genes, such as those for red and blonde hair can be transmitted from generation to generation without being expressed in hair color.


2. Hair and nails do not grow after death

All have heard about the myth that hair and hands of man continue to grow even after death. This is not true. In fact the skin begins to sag and this creates the illusion that nails and hair have grown.



3. Clean water is not a good conductor of electricity

Actually electricity passes through water pollutants and therefore it is dangerous to stand in water, if electricity goes.


4. Ostriches not stick its head in the sand when in danger

ostrich head in sand Ostriches not stick its head in the sand when in danger myths


This myth comes from Pliny 2,000 years ago. He wrote about the ostrich as he thought that when boiling their heads in a bush the ostriches thought that their whole body is hidden.
Ostriches bury in the sand, but usually to swallow small pebbles. When they feel threatened are actually lowering their bodies and from distance it may seem like they are buried heads.
Ostriches do not stick their head in the sand when in danger.


5. Sweet does not make children hyperactive

Sweet does not make children hyperactive myths


Contrary to what you may heard from many parents, countless studies have shown that sweet has no such effect on children. In fact, several drops of sugar water can even soothe irritated baby. When sugar enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain, it temporarily increases the production of calming chemicals such as serotonin.

Many people do not believe this and indicate that their children really are lush, when eat sweet. There is a simple explanation – when you give your children sweet, subconsciously you pay more attention to how they behave and notice things that otherwise you would not make an impression.


6. Not born with all the brain cells you will have throughout your life

Not born with all the brain cells myths


There is evidence that the brain continues to produce new cells in mature people. The process is called neurogenesis.


7. Goldfish have a pretty good memory

Goldfish have a pretty good memory myths


Actually goldfish can remember things for months, not seconds, as you may have heard.


8. Dogs and cats do not see black and white

Dogs and cats do not see black and white myths


Actually dogs can distinguish some colors, including best blue and green. Dogs have a larger view field of people, but do not see as far as us.


9. Sharks get cancer

Sharks get cancer myths


A popular myth is that sharks are immune to all diseases and cancer, but this is not true. There are known cases of sharks having cancer. Furthermore, various diseases and parasites also affect them. Erroneous statement is released by Dr. William Lane to sell cancer drugs made from shark cartilage.


10. If you swallow gum, it remains in the body for years

In fact the body does not digest it at all, but rather throw it out naturally after a few hours.


All these myths has been accepted as truth for years. People discover life and themselves with every second living. Who knows you may expose other myths yourself.


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