The Art of Cooling Fruits

organiz frozen fruit

Have you tried cooling fruits? Fall is almost here but that doesn’t mean the hot days are over. Fruits and vegetables not only help us with hydration but also have a cooling effect. Cooling them is a great way to preserve them and consume them in a more fun way. Getting your daily service is a great way to stay fresh and enjoy even the hottest days.


woman in white and blue shirt holding a shopping basket and picking fruits in a supermarket


Cool foods, in general, have been recommended by Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda as a way to balance the body in the different seasons.


large piece of red watermelon surrounded by crushed ice



Here are some ways to make cooling fruits fun!


baking form filled with ice and three popsicles with frozen fruits in them


Delicious Popsicles

Infuse some water with the flavours of fresh fruits and herbs and freeze them into delicious popsicles. Share these with the kids at home and enjoy the refreshing taste.


frozen strawberry ice cubes with green mint leaves scattered around on a light surface


Ice cubes

Add pieces of your favourite fruits into your ice cubes. Freeze them and use them to spice up your cocktails and drinks. These look very pretty and will infuse your drinks with some fruity flavours, colours and aromas.


yogo ice berries in small bowls filled with yoghurt and two tea spoons


Yogo ice

You can easily cool pear, strawberry or any other fruit but adding some yoghurt into the mix takes it to a whole new level. Mix some of your favourite fruits with yoghurt, add honey or maple syrup to sweeten it up and freeze. You will get a delicious homemade alternative to ice cream.


a large bowl of fresh organic strawberries


Organic frozen fruit

One way to preserve your organic fruits for later is to freeze them in bags. Make your cool fruits list and preserve the fruit which is left over. You can add the fruits in smoothies, or porridge or heat it up and serve on warm French toast. Freeze the ripe fruits to keep all their juice and flavour and enjoy it later.


large container with red cherries being automatically washed by a machine


Air Cooling

This method is done when the fruit is placed in a cool area with the addition of a fan to circulate the air. Although it is widely used in commercial settings, this method can be applied by many home gardeners who cool their own fruit harvest.

woman holding a glass full of strawberry smoothie with a straw and a glass bowl with fresh strawberries

Cooling your fruits is a great way to preserve it for later or to enhance the flavour of your drinks and breakfasts. Frozen or cooled fruits are also great for decorating your food and drinks to impress. Eating cold fruits this way is healthy and cools your body from the inside out keeping it in balance with its environment. Cooled fruits are a healthy and delicious dessert which is not only enjoyed in the summer but all year round.


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