Cocktails with Edible Flowers


Flowers are not only a great accent in your garden but can play the main role in your kitchen too. Edible flowers are perfect for adding texture and aroma to your cocktails.


Woman's hands holding bowl of salad with edible flowers on a white background with flowers scattered around


Edible flowers come in a variety of colours and flavours, and you can use them to garnish your cocktails before serving them. You can use dried, raw or candied flowers.


woman's hand picking flowers scattered on a white kitchen surface



When choosing your flowers make sure they are edible and complement the taste of your favourite cocktail.


edible flowers in a large salad bowl with a wooden spoon


Let’s look at some of the most popular edible flowers and cocktails.

hibiscus martini cocktail in a transparent glass decorated with flowers



The taste of hibiscus resembles that of cranberry which is why it is often used to make delicious jams and teas. The good news is that all parts of the hibiscus flower are edible and great for cocktail garnish. Hibiscus tea in combination with whiskey, honey and lemon juice can be the base of a great evening drink. Moreover, hibiscus is not only beautiful but also good for you.


woman in pink dress holding a glass with a rose cocktail with white foam and dried petals on top



Serving up a cocktail with edible roses will instantly make it look elegant and classy. Roses have a slightly sweet and spicy flavour and can be eaten dried, muddled or raw. Combine edible rose petals with gin, rum, vodka or bourbon and you will get a surprisingly delicious and aromatic drink. Roses are beautiful and nutritious too they contain vitamin C, A, potassium, calcium and so much more. The leaves, petals, buds and hips are all edible.


tall glasses of sparkling wine with branches of lavender in them on a garden table



Edible lavender has a recognizable floral scent and minty flavour. Lavender is great for garnishing a fresh; spring cocktail. Although lavender has a powerful taste it is often used in sweets and teas. You can use the leaves, stems and flower buds of the lavender. Opt for culinary lavender instead of the one used for cosmetics, which is a lot more aromatic.


three marigold cocktails outdoors on a wooden table with flowers in them



Marigolds are used in cooking since ancient times. However, not all varieties of flowers are edible, so choose them with care. There are several varieties that you can use such as the French marigolds, lemon marigolds etc. The taste and aroma depend on the variety you go for. When using them as garnish stick to the petals or leaves.


white lemon cocktail with chamomile in it on a white background



This wonderful flower is a popular ingredient for extracts and teas. It promotes relaxation and helps with an upset stomach. Chamomile flowers are used for cocktail garnish to add a middle apple-like taste. The leaves and the flowers are edible and can be eaten in dried or raw form.


herbal cocktail in a glass with crushed ice and edible flowers in it


Add edible orchids, roses or lavender to your cocktails to spice them up and decorate them adding some colour. Surprise your guests with an elegant floral drink which is going to impress both their eyes and palate.


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