Celebrating Abundance – A Modern Version of Favourite Thanksgiving Dishes

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Favourite Thanksgiving dishes are undoubtedly an important part of traditional celebrations. However, if you would like to give these staple recipes a modern twist check the ideas within this article. There are tips for vegetarians and meat lovers, check these out to get inspired for the coming holidays.


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Let’s celebrate abundance and give thanks with some modern versions of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

A touch of green

thanksgiving dinner table with various dishes and a large turkey in the middle



What are your favourite thanksgiving side dishes? Do you like the idea of adding some colour to your meals? Try serving your meal with stir-fried Brussels sprouts or steamed broccoli. These tender greens add the necessary crispiness to every meal. And if you want to your Brussels sprouts to the next level let them soak up a delicious warm honey sauce, creating a combo you just can’t beat.

a hand dipping potato wedges in a white yoghurt sauce


New Standard for Potatoes

If you are looking for vegan Thanksgiving recipes or just love to have a lot of veggies on your table at Thanksgiving check these out. Cut your potatoes into puck-size nuggets and bake them in the oven with some olive oil, rosemary and garlic. They will delight your guests with their creamy insides and crunchy exterior. Dip them into fresh chilli yoghurt and mint sauce for an extra spicy kick. If you prefer something more colourful, roast sweet, small carrots with harissa and maple syrup, this will definitely surprise the fans of vegetarian thanksgiving recipes.


umami gravy in a large pot with a wooden spoon in it and some spices next to it on a white table


What about the Sauce?

What is Thanksgiving without a delicious sauce on the table? How about serving Umami gravy or a spicy cranberry sauce with jalapeno and lime? Give your meals the zesty-spicy kick they deserve.


turkey breast served with some gravy and herbs


The Queen of the Table

Yes, you guessed it – Turkey! What is the best turkey recipe you have tried so far? If you want to keep it light this year, you can buy just a turkey breast and cook it without the rest of the bird to eliminate those whole-bird issues. Serve the breast marinated and grilled with some veggies and sauce and there you have it!


kale stuffing with various vegetables in a large bowl


Here Comes the Stuffing

If the whole turkey is your staple Thanksgiving recipe but you want to impress your guests this year try a more interesting stuffing. For example, a mixture of kale, mushroom, rye and pumpkin seed will make a great alternative.


thanksgiving table setting outdoors with blankets on the chairs and fairy lights


Try some of these recipes with a modern twist and surprise your guests with new flavours and aromas for the coming holiday. These ideas will help you stick to tradition but also add a fresh new look and feel to your Thanksgiving celebration.


thanksgiving decor a table decorated with different colorful pumpkins fruits flowers and a large turkey in the middle


Do not forget to decorate your festive table with some colourful flowers or candles for a perfect final touch.


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