Summer Herbal Stories – Tips and Tricks for Gathering Herbs

woman harvesting herbs

In summer, fans of herbs get a delicious payoff for all their effort in growing or gathering herbs. Although the plants seem so full and beautiful, do not fear trimming them. Here are some tips and tricks on clipping and using herbs with confidence. Before starting, water the plants so they are not stressed. Healthy herbs will give you the best flavour. A few hours after watering you can start clipping. Get something to carry the herbs like a basket or bag and let’s gather some delicious herbs.


woman with dark hair in a red and white dress smiling and holding planters of herbs in her garden


Simple Harvest Herbs

If you are looking for the best herbs for summer heat just pick some perennials such as sage, oregano and thyme. They are the simplest to harvest, you just cut one-third of their height any time during the season.


woman with a scarf on her head bending down picking yarrow in a field



Herbs that Need Regular Harvesting

Some herbs that grow in the summer need regular harvesting. Among these are basil and other annual herbs which need periodic harvesting to keep them from going to seed. When you clip the plant you help it focus on growing leaves.


wooden spoons with dry edible flowers scattered on a white wooden table


Harvest Edible Flowers

Dill, lavender, borage and tarragon are some of the best herbs for hot weather. They need to be harvested just after the flowers open this is when you will get maximum flavour. Handle the flowers gently to keep them looking and tasting good.


woman holding an empty planter with herbs with a wooden table in the background



Harvest with careful timing

Everyone growing coriander in summer knows that just like dill, it requires careful timing. You need to watch the seeds plump and change colour and clip the heads right away to avoid losing your harvest to hungry birds.


trimmed herbs in a white bowl on a white wooden table rosemary lavender and thyme


Harvesting Tips and Tricks

When harvesting your herbs pick only the parts in good condition. Leaves, flowers or seeds, all need to be healthy because if damaged they will not improve after they’re clipped.


drying herbs bouquets of herbs hanging from a wooden stick drying


Herb Preservation

After you have harvested your herbs it is time to preserve your herbs for your favourite recipes. Lay the leaves and stalks in a single layer on an absorbent paper or towel and allow them to air-dry for several days. Once they become dry, store them in a container away from light and moisture to prevent mould.


gathering herbs herb clippings on a white cloth with black scisscors


Growing and picking plants is easy, you just need to know a few rules: water before you harvest, make sharp cuts, keep the herbs clean, dry quickly and store away from moisture and light. That’s all! Don’t forget to enjoy your harvest. Whether you will make herbal pesto, delicious lemon-mint lemonade or a fancy herb-infused cocktail, you can proudly use your own harvest.


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