Herb Garden – How to Grow your Own Herbs at Home


Starting your own herb garden is a new, mindful way to spend time at home. Gardening is a great hobby anyway.


herbs in different pots and gardening tools basil rosemary and lavender


From delicious basil to fragrant lavender, growing your own herbs can be very rewarding and also handy when it comes to cooking. So, if you are ready to start but don’t know how or where read on and learn more.


indoor herb garden pots of herbs arranged on the window sill



Why create a herb garden?

Whether you decide to create a DIY herbal tea garden or you use a patch of land to saw some herbs for cooking, herbs are a beginner gardener’s dream. Why? Well, because they are the easiest thing to grow. Plus, they are great if you are short on space – you can grow them on the balcony or a sunny window sill. They are great for the environment and your pocket. Growing your own rosemary, mint or parsley will add a more natural flavour to your teas and dishes.


herb bouquet lavender rosemary and thyme branches in a white bowl on a wooden table


What kind of herbs should I grow?

The choice of herbs to grow depends on your needs, for example, everyday-cooking herbs like basil, coriander and rosemary are easy to grow, aromatic and delicious. Of course, you are free to try many different varieties and exotic herbs.


woman dressed in white bending over a pot of herbs smiling
Before starting your own herb garden don’t forget to check a list of herbs easy to grow, annual herbs and herbs that love the sun. Do your research and make the best choice according to your needs.


planting herbs hands planting parsley in a garden pot


Where to start?

First, make a list of annual herbs that you would like to have in your garden and prepare yourself for planting. To start your own herb garden you will need seeds, plants or pots. You don’t need anything fancy or special equipment; you can use any size pots or even containers from the supermarket with some holes in them for good drainage. Then you will need to fill these with potting compost and plant your herbs.

drying bouquets of herbs on a white wooden wall

ice mint tea made of fresh mint in a glass with a straw


How can I use the herbs?

It takes around two weeks for most herbs to grow, so you can use them quickly in your cooking. It is best to harvest your herbs in the morning when they are still fresh. Always pick a mixture of small and big leaves when you decide to pick. This will make sure your herbs will remain healthier and happier for longer.


woman dressed in green holding harvested herbs in her hands


The fact that herbs are simple and easy to grow is not the only reason to get started on your herb garden. As we are all becoming more aware of the environment and what we put in our bodies, there is something very satisfying and reassuring in cooking something you have grown yourself.


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