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Prepare Your Body for Seasonal Transition

fall changes

A seasonal transition is just around the corner. Soon the long, lazy, summer days will be just memories and we will start slipping into the cooler, shorter and darker days of the fall transitions.


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This shift is going to have a profound impact on our minds, bodies and rhythm of life in general. Nature will be slowing down and we are entering a very busy season going back to school, work and dealing with hectic schedules. So, a little extra self-love and care are a good way to embrace the change of seasons.

Read on to learn how to help your body and mind prepare for the seasonal transition.



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Diet Adjustment

The coming of the new season will impact us in different ways. Are you ready for those seasonal mood changes? With shorter days and less sunshine, your body will need extra immune support through supplementation and extra vitamins to stay strong.


diet change pumpkin halves and a tin with pumpkin slices with herbs


Also, to make the body change into the new season smoother take full advantage of what the new time of year offers. Eating seasonal fruits and veggies will help you adjust to the new diet. Fall is the perfect season for root vegetables, pumpkin etc.


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Sleep Schedule

Stay consistent with your sleep routines to feel well-rested. This may be challenging as the days get shorter and you get busier but your efforts will be worth it. Going to bed and waking up around the same time will help you fall asleep quickly and get a good quality sleep.


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Skin Care

Get ready for the drying out of your skin indoors and make sure you have your hydration routine ready. Drink more water and pamper your skin with moisturizing products and homemade cosmetics. Add some healthy oils such as olive oil into your meals as well as your skincare routine. Don’t forget to supplement – fish oil is a good option.


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Stress Relief

You wouldn’t want to enter the busier time of year stressed out but on the contrary, you would like to welcome fall recharged and relaxed. A change in seasons is the perfect time to pause and invite some stillness in your daily life before the rush towards the end of the year. Take care of yourself, meditate, reflect on the past months and set your intentions for the new season.


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Adjust Exercise

Now is the time to switch to more restorative and nurturing exercise routines. Try adding yoga or taichi to your weekly activities. When the weather is bad it is even more important to stay active and move your body. Use the time to relax from the summer adventures and slow the pace down for a while.


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There is so much to be excited about for the fall season. Make the fall transitions easy for your body and mind and apply these practical ideas. Prepare for the coming fall with love and care for yourself and enjoy this transition.


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