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The Benefits of Salty Water for Our Bodies


Did you know that one of the most essential nutrients is salt? This is the reason why there are numerous benefits of salty water for our bodies. In this article, we want to explore together why salt water is helpful and how you can make the best use of it.


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Why Your Body Needs Salt

A lot of people believe that we should avoid salt in order to regulate our blood pressure. Nevertheless, research shows that salt actually increases body water conservation and supports metabolism management. In fact, salt deficiency can lead to muscle cramps, weakness, irritability, poor hydration, and headaches. Moreover, salt restriction can result in a higher risk of heart attack, as well as cognitive decline in the elderly.


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Salt from Sea Water vs. Saltwater

If salt water has a lot of health benefits, then can humans drink seawater to survive? The answer to this question is NO. Ocean water is salty and saltier than human urine. Therefore, drinking it will make you urinate more and always feel thirsty.


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How Can You Make Use of Salty Water?

There is more than one way in which you can utilize salty water. For instance, you can inhale salty water vapor to ease respiratory conditions. Also, taking a bath with sea salt will allow you to cleanse your body energetically.


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Furthermore, if you suffer from acne, apply salt water to your skin and let it dry. To make salt water, simply mix 1 tablespoon of sea salt and one cup of purified water. If the quality of your skin does not improve, you might need to adjust your diet.


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Top 8 Benefits of Drinking Salty Water in Comparison with Non-Salty Water

The first benefit of drinking salty water has to do with the fact that it supports better absorption and metabolism. Besides, salt activates the salivary glands. This leads to amylase release which is crucial for digestion.


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Next, if your body does not get the minimum of 8 grams of salt per day, it enters a sodium saving mode. This will inevitably increase your aldosterone and renin levels, as well as the inflammatory levels in your body.


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In addition to preventing inflammation, salt water can help you decrease your stress levels and improve the quality of your sleep. On top of that, drinking a mix of water sea salt is great for bone and skin health, mineral balance, as well as detoxification.


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Healthiest Types of Salt

When it comes to cooking, avoid table salt because it is heavily processed and mainly contains sodium chloride. Instead, choose between regular natural sea salt and Celtic sea salt.


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To sum up, we cannot focus on salt in seawater, but we can make use of salt from sea water. We hope that this article will help you reap the benefits of salty water and experience great health.


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