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Best Foods Against Headaches


You are looking for headache relief, but you do not want to take tablets? If that is the case, this article is for you. Here are some of the best foods that can play the role of Mother Nature’s pain pills.

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#1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are definitely one of the low calorie snacks. This is so because they consist of 97% water. Yet, in addition to being healthy snacks for weight loss, cucumbers also help you stay headache-free and hydrated.


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You can prepare a simple veggie salad by mixing cucumbers, oregano, olive oil, vinegar and black pepper. Furthermore, a lot of people like combining cucumbers with hummus.



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#2. Hot Peppers

If your headaches are caused by congestion, then you can restore your balance by eating spicy foods. Moreover, salsa and chili peppers can help you decrease sinus congestion pain because they open the airways and reduce pressure. One of the easiest ways to consume hot peppers includes adding them to burrito or omelets.


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#3. Whole Grain Cereal & Oatmeal

If you are looking for best breakfast options, consider eating whole grain cereals. On the one hand, fortified cereals contain plenty of good carbs. On the other hand, they also soothe migraines thanks to the effect of B2 (riboflavin). Nevertheless, make sure you avoid cereal brands that are literally candy for breakfast.


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If you have headaches on a daily basis, this might be a sign that you do not get enough good carbs. When you go for good food options that are low in carbs, you might experience headaches due to low blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is important to eat oatmeal, brown rice, russet potatoes and other water-rich products.


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#4. Sesame & Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds are high in magnesium. This is why they are one of the best foods against headaches. If your magnesium levels are not high enough, you will certainly suffer from fatigue, muscle aches, headaches etc. So, make sure you consume enough pumpkin seeds, almonds and Brazil nuts.


fruit smoothie ball best foods for health two hands holding a smoothie bowl with different berries cherries and bananas


Next, we recommend that you eat sesame seeds, as well. They are rich in vitamin E and L-arginine. These are nutrients that are helpful for protecting yourself against tension headaches and migraines. Having that in mind, do not eat sesame seeds only when you order sesame meat. Instead, sprinkle them on soups, oatmeal, stir-fries, etc.


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#5. Cherries & Bananas

When you are not properly hydrated, your body is in need of electrolytes such as potassium. In this regard, it is healthy to eat bananas. On top of that, we recommend that you nibble on cherries if you tend to get headaches after specific activities. First, cherries are very hydrating. What is more, they contain compounds that convert to nitric oxide. This is a naturally occurring gas that soothes and prevents tension headaches and migraines.


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To sum up, these are just a few of the best foods for eliminating headaches in a natural way. There are certainly plenty more to consider. So, before you grab a pill, make use of Mother Nature’s gifts.


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