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The Best Times of Day to Eat Fruit


We all have heard that it is important to eat fruit. Naturally enough, there are specific fruits for diabetics, as well as the best fruits for weight loss, etc. So, it is not that easy to say: “Are grapes good for you”, “Are avocados good for you?”, etc. Instead of focusing on “unhealthy” and healthy fruits, we want to explore the best times of day to eat fruit.


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Top 3 Best Times of Day to Eat Fruit

Research shows that fruit is a crucial part of any healthy diet. Therefore, we recommend that you do not obsess too much with common myths about fruit consumption. Nevertheless, it is helpful to be aware of the following basic principles.


heart shaped bowl on a white table with hearts cut of watermelon and blueberries


First, usually, it is healthy to eat fruit on an empty stomach because then it is easier for your digestive system to break down sugar. In this regard, you may want to create a habit of eating an apple in the morning before breakfast so that you get all the nutritional benefits.


fruit cut outs flowers and hearts cut out of different fruits strawberries grapes watermelon


Second, it is recommendable to use fruit as snacks in between meals. On the one hand, they are low in calories. On the other hand, enzyme secretion will increase the speed at which the digestion process takes place.


eat fruits woman holding a bowl with salad and peach slices inside on a marble table with other fruits around


Third, you may also consider eating fruit before and after workouts. This will supply your body with the energy that you need for engaging with or recovering after a workout.


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The Best Times of Day to Eat Different Types of Fruit

Naturally enough, different fruits have their own specifics. Therefore, it is valuable to keep in mind the best times of day to consume each one of them. Here is a list of 5 widespread types of fruit and when to eat them.


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#1. Cherry

When it comes to cherries, you need to know that they are high in melatonin. This chemical plays a crucial role in sleep. That is why we recommend that you eat cherries after dinner. Nevertheless, avoid eating this type of fruit in the afternoon because it may make you feel sleepy.


oranges citrus fruits wooden table with a wooden cutting board and slices of oranges also orange leaves


#2. Orange

Oranges are rich in vitamin C. This means that they can help you improve digestion and boost metabolism. Even though it can be refreshing to drink a glass of orange juice in the morning, avoid doing so. Instead, eat oranges as snacks so that you do not have to deal with gastric and stomach irritation.


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#3. Apple

If you suffer from constipation, then eat more apples. This type of fruit is rich in fibre pectin. Therefore, eating apples in the morning will improve bowel movement. Nevertheless, avoid consuming apples in the evening since pectin increases stomach acid and is hard to digest at night.


a pile of yellow ripe bananas


#4. Banana

Similar to apples, do not eat bananas at night or on an empty stomach. Bananas are high in magnesium. So, if you consume them as previously stated this can cause mucus formation and upset stomach. It is better to eat bananas at noon so that fibers can boost digestion.


kiwis sliced green kiwi on a table with light background


#5. Kiwi

Last, but not least, eat more kiwis if you want better skin and deeper sleep. The best times of day to eat fruit is early morning or an hour before bed.


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