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Light Summer Foods for a Good Mood

summer food ideas

Summer 2022 is already in the air. However, despite the sunshine and all the activities you can take part in, it is not uncommon to get depressed. If you want to break the vicious cycle of feeling down and eating junk food, this article is for you. Here are 5 light summer foods for a good mood.


bright yellow corn on a grey wooden table


#1. Corn on the Cob

Carbs are probably not the first option that comes to mind when you wonder what light food to eat during summer. Nevertheless, corn on the cob is a great example of a healthy carb. It boosts serotonin which is one of the happy hormones. If you want to increase your serotonin levels, definitely consider this summer eatery.


summer salmon woman holding a white plate with freshly baked salmon fillet slices of lemon and fresh salad



#2. Salmon

Salmon is another great food for hot summer days. It is a great source of omega-3. Therefore, salmon helps improve your mental health and decrease your anxiety levels.


summer food ideas woman in a blue top on a pink wall biting from a large slice of red watermelon


#3. Watermelon

Nothing screams summer like ice cream and watermelon. While ice cream contains a lot of sugar and calories, watermelon is significantly lighter and healthier.
Watermelon is an amazing end of summer meals because it contains a lot of lycopene. Lycopene reduces inflammation, supports blood flow, and prevents some types of cancer. So, if you want to protect your brain tissue and regulate your moods, definitely eat more watermelon during the summer.


woman holding almonds in in hands on a marble countertop


#4. Nuts

Nuts are also a great option to go for when it comes to foods to eat in hot weather. For instance, walnuts are rich in omega-3s and serotonin. On the other hand, cashews can help you boost your mood because they contain B6, zinc, and magnesium.


a white bowl full of fresh summer berries strawberries blue berries and more


#5. Berries

Next, we recommend eating a lot of berries in the summer because of their anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation in the brain is one of the most common reasons for late-day depression. So, we recommend eating such summer foods for a good mood.


a brown bowl full of fresh plain yoghurt on a red and white checkered kitchen towel with a wooden spoon


#6. Yoghurt

If you are looking for light summer foods for a good mood, then yoghurt might be a perfect choice. It contains healthy live bacteria which help overcome social anxiety, depression, and mood fluctuations. As a result of this, people who eat yoghurt feel lighter and happier.


woman looking aside on a blue background eating chocolate


#7. Dark Chocolate

A lot of us turn to chocolate when we feel down. If that also applies to you, do not worry. Simply make sure you stick to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is high in flavonoids and tryptophan. And the body uses these chemicals to create neurotransmitters for good mood.


woman in a vintage blue and white dress holding a plate of cherries


To sum up, there are plenty of light summer foods for a good mood. So, before you grab a piece of junk food, consider eating some of the options listed above.


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