English Landscaping for an Aristocratic Outdoor Space


English landscaping is famous all over the world. English gardens amaze visitors with their grasses, green lawns, drifts, hedges, and herbs. In this article, we want to share with you what makes English garden landscape design special and how you can incorporate its principles.


romantic english garden with a red pavilion and beautiful blossoming flowers


How Did English Landscaping Emerge?

English landscaping played a vital role in changing the garden ideal. Before its introduction, people used to view nature as dangerous and most gardens were symmetrical and formal. Once it was introduced, the landscape style became looser and more irregular.


rose garden with some decorative elements blooming flowers and bushes



Next, it is interesting to know that English landscaping provoked us to value and appreciate the natural world. Besides, some of the key factors that influenced this innovative style include art, history, science, and philosophy.


A beautiful summer herbaceous flower border in hazy sunshine and a tall wall


What Are the Key Elements within English Gardens?

Common elements you can find in English gardens are benches, bridges, English pots, natural stones, brick, and ruins. Furthermore, there are often recreations of classic buildings, wattle edging and panels, as well as bee skep. Besides, English front yard landscaping ideas include adding a lake, rolling lawns, tree groves, and sculptures.


english countryside typical cottages with beautifully designed front yards


How Can You Use English Landscaping for Creating an Aristocratic Outdoor Space?

If you are looking for backyard English garden ideas or front yard English garden ideas, you are in the right place. Here are our top suggestions for turning your garden into an English landscaping oasis.

english cottage with a countryside garden in front and a fence


First, we recommend that you add a garden gate. You can easily buy and install a simple gate. However, its visual impact will be significant.
Second, English gardens often include benches because they are meant to be savoured. In this regard, we encourage you to incorporate seating so that you can the beauty around you. For example, you can go for metal, stone, or wooden structures.


cottage garden with a green fence and a an arch covered in blossoming pink flowers


Third, to create a cottage look, plant a wide variety of flowers. Delphinium, lavender, and roses are just a few examples that can add character to your garden.
Fourth, even though we encourage you to plant different plants, do not snap up every variety. It is wiser to plant in profusion. For instance, planting 2-3 types of climbing roses can be enough if you do that in big sweeps.


the art of English landscaping an aristocratic garden with sculpted bushes and flower borders


Fifth, create a charming dining area where light and shadows collide. Shade and sun can get along. Besides, these areas allow you to plant plants that like shade (i.e., Hydrangea petiolaris), as well as such which need bright light (i.e., desert agaves).


English garden with an open space short green grass flower borders and a bench


Sixth, do not forget to meander a garden path. It will give you an easy route in and out of the garden. On top of that, you will be able to water your plants without getting your shoes muddy.


gardening and landscaping flower borders with different blossoming types of flowers


Last, but not least, stick to clean lines and unique shapes. English landscaping is famous for its architecture. So, design your garden in a way that includes plenty of circles and squares.


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