Pet Care During The Summer Months

seasonal pet care

Summer means a lot of outdoor fun both for you and your pets. But to enjoy the warm season in a safe way some precautions are necessary to protect your pet. Here are the basic needs of a pet you need to keep in mind to keep your furry friend safe and healthy.


sleepy Pug in a hot day with chin and tongue laying on Floor


Heat during the summer

Watch out for symptoms like increased heart rate and excessive panting during a heatwave. Make sure your pet is able to rest in shade and have lots of fresh and clean water near them.


white cat in summer laying outside on a paved walkway looking aside



Take care of the parasites

Pay attention to your pet and make sure they are protected from lice, fleas and ticks. This is one of the basic steps for dog summer care. Keep an anti-tick spray handy as it helps kill ticks quickly.


summertime dachshund taking a bath outside in a pink tub with foam on his head


Keep your pet cool

Hot surfaces like asphalt and pavement can burn the paws of your pets or cause overheating. Ty to keep them off these surfaces and make sure their paws are clean and dry.


black and white dog being groomed at a salon with a machine looking at the camera with his tongue out


Grooming time

Dog care in summer starts with grooming. When groomed your pet feels the same way as you when coming clean and fresh out of the shower, nice right? Some of the steps of basic grooming is brushing and washing the fur and trimming the nails. Opt-out of complete shave down because it interferes with the natural temperature regulation of your pet. Groom your pet regularly as this helps them feel good.


pets in summer black and white dog looking at the camera with a woman with long brown hair smiling at him


Summer diet

Just like our menu changes during the summer, so do our pets. Include liquids in the diet of your furry friend to ensure they stay well hydrated. You can add fruits and veggies high in water, and avoid products with salt and sugar in them. Do not serve warm food during the summer months.


vet visit labrador puppy at the vet being examined vet in white coat standing next to him


Visits to the vet

If your pet shows signs of dehydration take them quickly to the care veterinary centre and get them checked. In case your vet does home visits choose this option as travelling in the heat with your pet might be stressful to them.

seasonal pet care brown dog showing through a car window enjoying the wind


Pet sunscreen

Some pets, especially those with pink skin and short hair can be susceptible to sunburn. Ask your vet about the types of sunscreen that are best for your pet’s skin and routinely apply it as part of your summer pet care. Use only products which are specifically designed for animals!


dog and two kids in a red pool outside playing with water


Water safety

It is so much fun to bring your pet to the beach or pool and stay cool together. However, it is always important to keep a close eye on your pet. If you have planned more risky summer adventures get a doggie life preserver for your friend.


little girl in blue shirt holding a mouse in her hands showing to the camera and smiling


At times summer can be tough on our pets, so preparing for it may need some attention, thought and investment in your pets’ health and safety. Create your pet care summer routine and pay attention to the way your pet handles the heat. Keep your pet healthy and happy and enjoy a wonderful summer together.


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