Vacation with Pets? Useful Tips for Smooth Trips


A lot of people assume that vacation with pets is mission impossible. We know from personal experience what a hassle it can be to travel with pets. However, if you want to unwind with your furry friend during the summer vacation, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 easy-to-implement tips on how to plan a vacation with a pet.


dog with sunglasses ready for vacation sitting on a brown suitcase with a hat and a blue dotted beach bag


Tip #1. Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel

The first thing you need to start with includes researching resorts for pets. If you do not check in advance whether or not a hotel is pet-friendly, you risk experiencing unpleasant surprises when you arrive at your desired destination. So, we encourage you to look for the best dog-friendly vacation spots on the internet or to search for pet-friendly vacation deals.


pet travel long hair cat outside with a blue leash sniffing a piece of cat food given by a girl



Tip #2. Put Your Pet in a Cage That Is Big Enough

Even if you go on a road trip, it is wise to put your pet in a cage. Nevertheless, do not forget that you are setting off on a vacation with pets. This means that your pets need to feel comfortable, too. Therefore, make sure that they have enough room and the cage is well ventilated.


summer on the beach woman in white with black hair running on a sandy beach with a large dog


Tip #3. Let Your Pet Eat and Go to The Bathroom Before The Trip

If you are about to travel with your pet, then feed them before the trip. Once you let them eat, put the food away so that they go to the bathroom before your trip. Besides, when you go on vacation with pets, limit food and water while you travel.


family on vacation little boy with a dog running in dunes with a large beach in the background


Tip #4. Keep Pet Toys and a Calming Spray in an Easy to Reach Spot

A lot of pets get overexcited when they travel. This is why we encourage you to have a calming natural spray at your disposal. You can spray on the bedding inside the cage, as well as on the seats. Furthermore, it might be helpful to have pet bowls and toys easily on hand in case you want to make your pet feel at ease on the road.


dogs on the beach two dogs with beach accessories googles and sunglasses posing for a photo on the beach


#5. Let Your Pet Get Fresh Air

Next, we recommend that you roll down your windows and let your pets get out of the cage from time to time. This will allow them to get some fresh air. So, they are less likely to act up in the car.


dog on a surf board on the beach with two surf boards lying on it


#6. Rest Often During Road Trips

If you aim at experiencing top pet-friendly vacations, do not forget to stop for frequent breaks. Most pets feel better when they can get out and walk around every once in a while.


on the beach with the dogs woman running in the sea with two little dogs on leashes


#7. Keep an Eye on Your Pet

Last, but not least, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation with pets unless you keep an eye on them. On the one hand, summer heat and humidity may have a negative impact on pets’ health. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for pets to change their behaviour when they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment.


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