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Woman taking a shower in front of her tiny house on wheels

Small house on wheels with girl in front of it


Living on the road is а dream lifestyle for many people. They dream about the perfect wheelhouse that can take them anywhere in the world and a life dedicated to full time travelling and exploration. A life made for true nomads! This is why the rolling home mania is spreading so quickly. No wonder! Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous roll house with beautiful interior to travel the world in? Nowadays, you can even find a cottage on wheels!


Man cooking in tiny house on wheels


There are many reasons why people choose to live this way: some are fed up with their office jobs, others want to dedicate time to their passions, there are people who do it for the peace and quiet out of the big city.



Man in a tiny bus house


If you are one of those people who would want to travel the world in a rolling home read on! We will share some things you need to know about the life on four wheels.


Choosing a home on wheels

Couple sitting on a van house


Whether it’s a specially designed tiny home or a converted van, it doesn’t matter as long as the vehicle is secure and the home has everything you need for your life. Converting a van is generally cheaper, but the space is really small.


Modern tiny house on wheels


Vintage interior in tiny house on wheels


Most people chose the option to buy a less expensive used van that they can modify.


A comfortable home

Cozy bus turned into house


Cozy white interior in house on wheels


Have you ever peaked inside modern tiny houses? Mobile homes don’t have to be cold and boring. There are great examples of beautiful, small homes from converted school buses and old vans that they can be quite comfortable, fun and aesthetically pleasing. If you decide to convert a van, start with insulation and ventilation.


Vintage style tiny house on wheels


Beds on the second floor of tiny house on wheels


Most people opt for a raised bed and make the most of the little space that is left.

Living on the road in wheelhouse

Family sitting on their house on wheels van


People usually bring too many unnecessary things with them when they first start living this way. They plan on storing all their belongings but they soon find that their small space will quickly become cluttered.


Minimalistic interior design in tiny house on wheels


Living on the road requires very good and efficient organization. Only the basic essentials must make it to the mobile home.


An emergency fund

Girl drinking coffee in a small house on wheels


The nomad lifestyle requires very good financial planning and an emergency fund. This fund is usually used to cover expenses like repairs, maintenance and emergencies. Just like any house the mobile home will experience its share or wear and tear, so it is important to have this in mind and plan the finances well.


Cozy vintage interior in tiny house on wheels


Many people have found their desired freedom and happiness by living on four wheels and travelling the world. It is definitely not for everyone, but for some it is a dream come true. Do you think you can live a life on four wheels?


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