Spring in the Hidden Gem of Europe – Albania

White houses in Berat surrounded by nice nature

White houses, a bridge and hills in the distance


Many people have avoided this country because of stereotypes, misconceptions and misinformation. The usual questions about it are is Albania in Europe? Is it safe to travel to Albania? However, the new Albanian way of presenting the country has changed the image of this destination among tourists. So the interest towards it is growing.


The sea and the city behind


Actually, the Albania region is very beautiful and diverse. Positioned in south-east Europe it has everything – beaches, thermal waters, mountains, great people, culture and cuisine. The Albania geography makes it a perfect destination for summer tourism. The summer is when more and more tourists decide to visit. But Albania is not only great in the hot summers; it is actually a great place for a spring break. This is its biggest secret!



Church with beautiful view at the see


Albania is a very diverse and interesting country. There are a lot of spectacular places to visits and breathtaking sights to see. From the beautiful coastal towns of Vlora and Saranda to historic, UNESCO towns like Berat and Gjirokastër. There is a lot to fall in love with. The North of the country is home to the Albanian Alps and gorgeous mountain towns. An example is the town of  Kruja.


Street in Gjirokastër with traditional shops


March, April, May and early June are the best months to visit the country. Especially if you like traveling to places with no crowds of tourists. Another great benefit of visiting Albania in spring are the low prices and the opportunity to enjoy this destination when the beautiful, colorful flowers start to bloom and the country lights up. Still, you have to bring your jumpers because nights are chilly and the mountains are much cooler than the rest of the country.


White houses in Berat surrounded by nice nature


The spring months welcome visitors with great weather for walking and cycling and even enjoying the Mediterranean beaches. The main attractions are quieter during this season and the rural areas will be easier to access and enjoy. The feeling of having a UNESCO site just for yourself is amazing.


Leftovers of an old castle up in the moutains


March is a great month to visit Albania. The weather is just starting to get warm and the flowers are blossoming. As you go towards May, travelers start to visit Albania and then towards the summer European tourists are already flocking. Of course the crowds are not as massive as those in Croatia and Greece, but it is still busy.


Fountain in the center of Skadar with people sitting around


Another great reason to visit Albania in March is the Spring Day, the national holiday which is on the 14th March. It is a large festival celebrated across the country, particularly spectacular in the central region of Elbasan and in the capital – Tirana. The parks are filled with acrobats, musicians and performance, and the atmosphere is great.


Tirana from above and its nice nature and buildings


A nice tradition in the region is the braided white and red bracelets people start wearing from the 1st March. Later on they hang them on the trees for good luck. Also don’t miss the traditional corn flour cakes called ballokume.


Traditional corn flour cakes decorated with real flowers


Albania has a lot to offer. The fact that it is not flooded by massive crowds of tourists yet, makes it a great place for people who like quiet and love exploring new places. Spring is the best season to enjoy this secret gem of Europe!



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