Eco Homes – the New Way of Living Green




As the time goes by the needs of people and environment are changing. With the development of building technology our homes are changing too. We are entering a new era in the construction industry that of the eco homes. Renters as well as home owners start taking the eco homes in consideration and place great importance on reducing the energy costs, the use of eco friendly building materials, great design and the impact on the environment. Building eco homes has become not only a hot trend but something more and more people want. As consumers are moving towards greener living, builders have recognized the importance of reducing their environmental footprint. Here are some of the most popular green trends which are worth checking out!


1. Smaller Homes


Nowadays, the average size of a family home is dropping, which is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. Smaller homes are easier to manage and many people are actually looking to downsize. The tiny home movement is also gaining popularity. This type of eco tiny friendly homes require energy efficiency and smart space utilization. The tiny homes are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they cut down on environmental impact. So eco home designs on smaller scale are becoming very popular.



2. Solar Roofing



This is a hot trend in sunny areas and an incredible advancement in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable roofing. The solar roofs have been too expensive for many people for a long time, but with prices dropping consumers can install solar roofing for much less. This trend is also attractive for rental properties, because of the reduced energy bills the tenant pays and the added value to the home that the owner is happy about.


3. Sustainable materials



Today builders are focusing a lot on the choice of materials. For example green insulation utilizes recycled materials instead of harmful ones. Biodegradable materials like rock, clay and bamboo are a great choice as they do not harm the environment.


4. Prefabricated Homes



It is not true that the eco friendly house designs are only for the rich. Pre-fabricated homes are assembled very easily. These pre-fab homes have great advantages like less time to build, low cost and sustainability.


5. Smart Homes



Home automation is definitely a hot trend in the last years. It is not only very cool, but also great for the environment and your pocket. With smart home features owners and tenants can cut the energy bill in half. There is much less energy waste by controlling the lights and air conditioning while no one is home. There are also many fancy features which people can control from their smartphones.
Ignoring the environmental impact we have on our planet is not an option anymore. Eco homes are one way of ensuring that we will leave a livable environment to the generations to come.



by Betty Stefanova


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