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Do you think recycling is a new hype? With all the recycling slogans and the buzz surrounding it recently, it’s easy to think it is a modern trend. It may come as a surprise but recycling is very, very old. It has been around for many years.


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The basic purpose of recycling is to reduce waste and to transform it into new items. Even though today this process is of urgent necessity it has been around since ancient times. The history of recycling is quite long and interesting. Here are some recent highlights of the evolution of recycling.



Early History of Recycling

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There are historical records of broken glass being recycled into new objects in the civilizations in the Mediterranean, especially in the Byzantine empire. Bronze coins were also reused in ancient Rome and the recycled bronze was turned into other objects and ornaments.
Ceramic was another material which was also subject to recycling. During the Middle Ages and pre-industrial era, metal scrapping was popular.


The 20th Century

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The Wars during the 19th and 20th century brought about the need for the careful use of available resources and reliable recycling became a trendy topic again. There were intense campaigns calling for recycling and reuse of anything suitable.
Even after the end of the war, some countries preserved these practices in a more moderate way. In those countries, the interest in environmental issues continued to increase during the 1960s. Later on, in 1986 and then in 1990 legislation was introduced in Europe focusing on protecting the environment.


Modern Times

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Recycling is part of everyday life in many countries from households to public institutions and businesses. Although today there are many non-recyclable materials the main focus is on glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles and electronics.


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Campaigns like the national recycling week aim to increase awareness and put the emphasis on recycling. The outreach of these campaigns is growing and is enjoying high rates of success.
Now recycling is everywhere and it is a positive, necessary and practical habit with many benefits that will help us deal with problems like excess waste and pollution.


The Future

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Although there is intense campaigning for recycling today, it is still not mandatory yet. However, in the near future, it will most probably become mandatory. In this sense, it is expected that future generations will put great emphasis on recycling and Nature conservation.
We hope by now you understand that recycling is not just a trendy thing everybody is talking about. It is a necessary step we need to make in order to minimize pollution and our impact on the environment. If you want to learn more take part in the next recycling week campaign!


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