Trash Vs. Recycle: Do You Know What to Recycle?

How to Recycle Properly

Every day we throw away so much waste and unfortunately not enough of it goes into the recycling bin. Many people don’t even think about the recyclability of the things they throw away. There are items that are non-recyclable, but you can recycle or repurpose many others. Repurposing and recycling play a key role in keeping these items away from the landfills.


plastic container full of empty plastic bottles


It is understandable that sometimes things can get confusing. Should you throw something away or recycle it? We have made a little breakdown to help you figure this out.


Recycle it

circle made of different items glass bottles cans paper plastic


Although each city and waste-collection service is different there is a common list of recyclable items they accept.

Woman throwing plastic in container to recycle

Paper – you can recycle office paper, junk mail, cardboard, newspapers and magazines. Juice and milk cartons also fall into this category. You need to wash them first before you dispose of them.


pile of paper tied with rope


Cans – you can recycle food and soda cans, baking pans and foil. Keep in mind that you should clean these before recycling them.


Multiple metal cans from above


Glass – Glass is typically recyclable. Don’t throw away broken glass. You can repurpose old jars in different ways so keep that as an option.


close up dark beer bottles from above


Plastic – plastic containers can be recycled if they have a label that says they are recyclable.


many plastic bottles with colorful caps outdoors


Keep in mind that there are special items that can be recycled but they need to be placed in marked bins. Things like lightbulbs, empty cartridges, plastic bag, batteries can be recycled at some shops or public facilities. Antibiotics and expired drugs should be placed in special containers in pharmacies and hospitals. Never throw away drugs in the regular trash bin! Clothing, shoes and other textiles can be reused, donated or repurposed.


Trash it

There are items that are hard to recycle. It is important to know them very well because throwing away something which is not recyclable in the recycle bin is a much worse option. If you want to avoid generating a lot of waste just go for alternative materials or reusable items.


steaks wrapped in plastic foil


Food wrapping – potato chips bags and plastic wrap cannot be recycled. The same goes for products with plastic coatings like disposable cups, frozen-food boxes and more.


two diapers and pink teddy bear hanging



Diapers and hygienic pads – the plastic from these items is non-recyclcable. However, there are alternatives to minimize waste like cotton pads, menstrual cups and textile diapers.


brown Styrofoam coffee cup


Styrofoam – Styrofoam containers and cups are not recyclable. Pizza boxes and other containers with food residue are impossible to recycle.


woman holding bunch of empty plastic bottles


Be mindful when throwing items away. The simple action of separating your waste has a huge impact on the recycling process and helps to save the environment!


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