Managing Household Waste Ideas

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The global waste collection and management system cannot deal with the growing amount of waste that we are generating. That’s why it is important that everyone contributes to the global waste management to improve things. The best way to do this is to manage our own household waste. This means to start from our own home and evaluate what things we throw away and to make steps towards reducing, reusing and recycling.


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Here are some ways to reduce and manage the amount of waste your household generates.



Say No to Plastic

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Many of the products we use on a daily basis are packaged in plastics. Our food, cosmetics and everything we buy for our homes is wrapped in it. This is one of the reasons why the amount of plastic waste we generate annually has become alarming. The first step is to learn to do without products packaged in plastic, instead make your cosmetics at home, shop with cloth bags and reuse as much as you can.


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According to research organic waste comprises the biggest part of our household waste. The organic waste can be composted and transformed into nutritious soil for the garden. Composting is easy and if you have a garden this rich soil will make your plants thrive.


Fewer takeaways

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Get a reusable container and use it when taking food home. Styrofoam is another big polluter and a big part of takeaway food is packaged in it. Get a bamboo cup and straw and use them for your morning, takeaway coffee.


Keep it digital

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We live in a digital age, so paper documents are rarely needed. There are much better ways to store bills, documents and emails online. Also, choose online news services and don’t pile paper, newspapers or magazines at home. This way you will reduce the amount of paper you use.



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Consider donating old items that you no longer use but are still in good shape. For example, old clothes can be donated to donation centres and thrift shops or the fabric can be recycled. You can also choose to reuse your old clothes and turn them into something brand new.



Recycling boxes at home


Make waste recycling a habit. Sort your waste separating organic waste, recyclable materials and hazardous waste. Follow the recycling policies at your location.

Applying these tips will also help you effectively manage and reduce your household waste. As well as the cost of disposing of it.



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