Small Steps to Preserve Bees

Group of working bees at one place

Many bees at one place


We are all aware that bees around the world are in trouble. One by one different species of bees are being added to the endangered lists. The decline in bee population is a result of a long list of threats like habitat loss, predation, pollution and other forms of human involvement.


What do bees do?

A bee getting closer to a flower


Bees are crucial to our ecosystem, therefore we depend on them. They are pollinators, which means that without them the trees will not be able to bear fruits or produce seeds. Many people wonder how they help flowers? It’s simple – flowers provide them with pollen and nectar to feed their colonies. They provide flowers with the means to reproduce by spreading pollen. Without pollination, plants cannot create seeds and reproduce.



How to save a dying bee?

Bees eating honey to stay alive


If you see a dying bee you can offer it some water mixed with sugar. This mixture will help revive the insect. Put the mixture on a shallow plate and do not add water to prevent drowning of the bee.


How can we protect bees?

Group of bees working


If you want to help these tiny buzzing insects from dying out completely, there are some simple things you can do. We have made a list of some of them which can help to save the bees.


Make a garden

Seed bombs in a garden for saving bees


With the rapid growth of urban areas, fewer people have gardens, meaning there is less food for hungry bees. You can help the species by planting a small bee-centric garden. Pick flowering plants native to your area. Make a garden calendar so that you can have plants flowering all year.


Let some weeds in

Working bee on a flower


A healthy collection of weeds in your garden is amazing for the them. A combination of leafy intruders and wildflowers offer much-needed nutrients. Forget about all pesticides and make sure the air in your garden is clean.


Support local production

Working bee flying


Buy your honey and bee products from a local beekeeper. This is a great way to support local pollination. As long as the beekeeper knows what they’re doing, they take care of the bees without disturbing them.


Give water to the thirsty bees

Thirsty bees searching for water


Bees need water just like other animals do. They are often looking for bird baths to quench their thirst. You can leave some water out for the them, they will appreciate it, especially during the hot days. Don’t forget to leave a small stone or other objects for the them to land on.


Shop for the bees

Seed balls in a garden to help the bees


If creating a garden is too much, there are other ways to help the bees in your area. There are plenty of products on the market to help them. For example, there are seed bombs that you can toss in a park or other area and they will eventually turn into a colourful patch of flowers.

They need our help to survive! These are only a few simple things you can do to help the buzzing insects in your area. If you feel committed and involved with the cause, you can also volunteer or get political and sign a petition to support the efforts of preserving the bees worldwide.


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