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Polluted beach with plastic and a surfer

Beach full of plastic and a surfer


What would a world without the plastic look like? Can you imagine that? Can we live without plastic? The plastic free July is an initiative that challenges us to ask ourselves these questions. The initiative is gaining more and more popularity. The challenge is being organized and initiated by the Plastic Free Foundation.


The Mission of Plastic Free July

Bike with a basket full of fresh food and plastic free packs


The mission of this challenge is to build a global movement that dramatically reduces the use of plastics and improves recycling. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems of our times. It is responsible for the extinction of marine species, destruction of the environment, resulting in the poisoning of our bodies.



Plastic free cosmetics products and reusable grocery bag


The plastic-free July invites us to refuse single-use plastics for a whole month. The idea behind this no plastic challenge is to encourage people to be more aware of their plastic use, because this is the way to leave a cleaner world for the generations to come. This cannot happen without a change in behaviour and attitudes.


Woman filling a plastic free pack at the grocery store


To create a world without plastic we need to start by saying No to plastic shopping bags, straws, coffee cups, takeaway containers, razors, toothbrushes to name a few.


Zero Waste Alternatives

Keep the see plastic free metal mug


Of course, taking part in the Plastic Free July doesn’t mean not brushing your teeth for a month or not drinking coffee, just refusing to use plastic. There are several smart swaps you can make to minimize your plastic use but still enjoy your takeaway coffee.


Plastic free drinking draws


For example, use bamboo cups and reusable stainless steel or bamboo straws. Swap your regular, plastic toothbrush with one made from bamboo, pack your lunch in a glass container, instead of a plastic oneс, use a cotton bag for your grocery shopping etc.


Plastic free grocery bags


Two persons holding plastic free bags


The Plastic Free Foundation’s website features a complete list of easy alternatives and swap ideas that can help a great deal.


Mindmap showing plastic free lifestyle


Our planet needs us to take action to minimize plastic pollution which has become a serious global issue. It may seem difficult to change our habits but we can do it step by step. Taking part in the Plastic Free July initiative is a great way to start.


Plastic free cosmetics and kitchen products


Make the first steps with the support of a community of helpful and friendly, like-minded people. Let’s say No to plastics this July and make the first step towards positive change and a cleaner world!


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