Hobbies that Preserve Planet Earth

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Planet Earth


Our modern lives generate large amounts of waste and carbon emissions. We pollute the environment when we are driving our cars as well as when electricity is generated for our use. Still, there are things we can do, at least in our spare time, to reduce our environmental footprint.


Planet Earth


Do you have a hobby? If you do than you know it is something you do for pleasure and fun, but have you asked yourself if it contributes to the pollution of the environment?


Planet Earth


Did you know that there is a list of hobbies that actually help reduce the amount of carbon you generate? Here are a few suggestions for new hobbies to try that are actually good for the environment.





Plants absorb and store the carbon, and turn it into oxygen. So, eco-friendly gardening is a good way to offset your carbon footprint. Plant a variety of trees, flowers and plants, but do not use a fertilizer for your garden.




The best way to add nutrients to the soil is to make your own compost. Even better, if you grow your own food you will be cutting down on the carbon emissions created by transporting the food to the store.





Crafting is a great way to express yourself, do something with your hands and be creative. It is also a great way to reduce the amount of waste your household generates.  You can easily upcycle and repurpose old clothes, containers, bedding and more. Turn your old shirt into a new shopping bag and you will realize how fun it can be. You are not only cutting down on landfill space, but also saving carbon emissions created in the process of manufacturing and shipping of new products.





Cycling is an affordable and easy way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors. In addition to the health benefits, if used for transportation, it reduces the air pollution caused by driving a car. Once you get into the habit of cycling you will notice that you no more use the car for distances that can be easily cycled or walked.





Bee populations are becoming increasingly threatened in many places around the world. So, it is vital to nurture local colonies wherever possible. Bees are very important because they produce delicious honey but also pollinate plant species that are important to the local environment.





If your hobbies and interests are connected to an environmental movement or issue, you can be of great help by volunteering. Give a helping hand at your local recycling center, or plant trees in public spaces. You will meet great people, help the environment and have some fun all at the same time.




These hobbies might not seem all that impactful, but done consistently they add up to a great positive impact on the environment. Try one or combine them all and spend pleasant, guilt-free and useful leisure time.



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