Summer Party Décor Ideas You Must Try

Summer party table decorated with candles in bottles and decorated jars instead of glasses

Girls with dresses and floral wreaths making a toast on a nice decorated table with food


Summer calls for colourful drinks, delicious food and good company. Whether it is the first BBQ of the season, a pool party or a weekly gathering, host your guests in style with these summer party décor ideas. These are all inspired by the summer Party Décor and are fun DIY décor projects you can do together with your family and kids.


Group of friends having a summer party in the yard with drinks and food


Surprise your friends and family with a colourful setup and fun summer party activities and it’s guaranteed that they will be coming back for more.



Woman in a dress holding a big balloon


Check out our summer Party Décor ideas below.


Bring the colours in

Frosty fruit slushies


Even the best party themes would be nothing without their colours. Make your summer bash more cheerful and colourful by blending up some frosty fruit slushies. Enjoy one of those refreshing drinks which are fun, delicious and healthy.


Citron coctails


You can prepare them very easily with fruits of choice. For bright yellow slushies pick mangos, peaches, lemons. These will brighten up any table.


Flowers on every seat

Flowers on every chair as a decor for a summer party


For a more formal look, transform your cloth napkins into adorable blooms without paying a lot of money to a florist.


Flowers in a jar on every chair


It is easy to fold your napkins in various shapes just like in an expensive hotel. Surprise your guests with a special, floral touch.


Color-block the candles

Summer party table decorated with candles in bottles and decorated jars instead of glasses


Lights in jars


This is one of the best theme party ideas and it cannot get any simpler or cheaper than this.


Candles in a pineapple themed jar


Get candles or candle colors in a scheme matching your party theme and your décor will look even more stylish and polished.

Pretty napkin rings

Napkin rings


Flamingo napkin rigns


Add fun and beautiful napkin rings to decorate your table setting. You can make flower or butterfly napkin rings made from things you can buy at any craft store.


Floral napkin rings


Don’t forget to add a little bit of glitter too.

Use a birdcage

Birdcage for cakes


A birdcage always adds a vintage touch to any arrangement. These can easily be easily found at a flea market for a very good price.


Birdcage with flowers


Fill a birdcage with candles or flowers and use it as a beautiful table centrepiece.

Tutti Frutti

Ice cubes in the form of a bottle


Why use ordinary ice cubes if you can serve your drinks with fancy, colourful ones? Put whole fruits or fruit juice into an ice cube form and freeze them.


Ice cubes with flowers and leaves


Then you can add these to your drinks and make them look even more special and original.


Decorative arrangements

Watermelons instead of flower vase


Use hollowed-out watermelons, pineapple or pumpkin to create floral-fruity arrangements. These sweet vases are an original and thoughtful way to decorate your party table.


Hollowed out watermelons, coconuts and pineapples


Are you ready for the summer season? Get creative and welcome your guests with the most colourful and original decorations. We guarantee a wow effect!


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