Upgrade Your Home Office with Comfy Reading Chair

Two cats cuddling on a reading chair

Two cats cuddling in a comfortable chair


A reading chair always brings a cozy vibe in any space. The latest interior design trends are all about incorporating a super comfortable chair even into your working space. Reading furniture looks perfect in a well-lit corner and it’s the perfect spot to take a few minutes of relaxation with a cup of tea.
But what, exactly, makes the ideal reading chair? Read on to get the answer.


Support and comfort

Modern chair in the living room with a coffee mug and magazines on it


The perfect reading chair should be supportive but not too laid back like a reading sofa. Usually, a design with a high, firm back and comfortable seat is winning combination.



Reading chairs in a modern living room with glass windows


When choosing a good reading chair it is very important to have somewhere to rest your head.


Modern fabric chair


A good reading chair should also be covered in a soft, comfortable fabric that is durable and inviting.


Modern fabric chair for reading


Modern chair for reading


Materials like cotton, linen, velvet and leather are good options for upholstery.


Leather chair for reading in the living room




If you have kids or pets go for a performance fabric which protects against stains and spills.



Leather chair with a dog next to it


If you like to read in your breaks than choosing a reading chair with an ottoman or footstool may be wise.


Leather chair and a foot stool


Wooden chair and a foot stool for reading and relaxing


Modern reading chair and Foot stools


comfortable reading chair and a Foot stool


When you sit for long periods, these additional accessories will raise your feet, which feels a lot more comfortable.


leather chair and a foot stool with a modern lamp


classic chair and foot stool for reading and relaxing


Of course, this position is too relaxed for working, but it’s perfect for relaxing after a long working day.



Armrests of a reading chair


Armrests are an essential part of every reading chair. They help you hold up your tablet or book. The style, width and shape of the armrests can vary a lot, however, it will determine the look and feel of the reading chair.


Reading chair with abstract armrests contemporary chair


If you are looking for an antique reading chair you should go for more classic and traditional armrests.


Reading chair with armrests


If you fancy something more modern and sleek there are arms made of metal without upholstering which would suit perfectly.


Height & Depth

Comfy short legs reading chair


Reading chairs look more inviting if they have short legs. A chunky leg always looks more casual, while narrow legs are more formal.


Short legs fabric reading chair with a bookshelf next to eat


Short legs reading chair


Also, your chair must be comfortable which means the depth of the seat is an important factor to consider. If you are taller a deep-seated chair will be ideal for you.


Vintage short legs reading chair


If you are not tall and you like to keep your feet on the floor, a deep seat could be uncomfortable for you.



rustic French styles reading chairs and old books around them


Beyond the comfort of a reading chair, which is very important, the overall style is also something to consider.


Leather reading chair on a carpet


Fortunately, there is something for every taste out there from modern chairs, to rustic French styles, Mid century Danish lounge designs etc.


rustic French styles reading chair


Large reading chair


If you don’t want to commit to a certain style, choose something with a traditional look which fits in both modern and classic room designs.


Mid Century Danish lounge designs reading chair with a cushion on it and flowers on a small table


Upgrade your office with the latest trenda comfortable reading chair. It is a piece of furniture that will serve you for years to come and will make you feel like royalty.


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