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Eclectic Apartments with Vintage and Rustic Touch

Our next trip to another reality stars from a house, nested in the quiet residential area of East Vancouver. The interior of the place is entirely inspired by European influencers, following the patterns used in the grocery and cafe Le Marche St. George, which is located at the ground floor of the building. Just above it, there are two separate eclectic apartments that are ready to compel one’s attention in an imaginary world of another dimension.
Now, let us give you some details about the origin of the house. When it was built, nobody could tell for sure, but by the year 1910 the building had several owners. What is more important is that the cafe used to be a local community center, where patrons had their coffee in the morning and ordinary visitors bought various goods.

The Rental Apartment




Do you believe that the original gas fireplace still functions propertly? Yes, this is true and it adds simply unique style to the room. The interior of the apartment is very simple, as you can see. Whitewashed bricks play the role of a neutral background for diirent types of artwork and small decorative artefacts.




Heading to an informal dining area we obsserve an interesting combination of industrial chairs and bisto table that stand in front of an abstract piece of art, far away from its artful look. However, the entire composition looks coherent and the beautiful classic ceiling medallion completes it.

A wooden top softens the raw look of the industrial table, thus attaching a rustic touch to it.




Have a look behind the cook and gas range. You will see the original state of the bricks used in the living room, where the fireplace shines with its brilliance. At the far end of the image, there are rustic shelves that accommodate all the kitchen supplies.




Delicate crystal chandelier peeks from above and provides enough light for the contemporary kitchen appliances and rustic shelves.




All the textiles in the apartment communicate natural and organic feelings. The authentic original wood flooring and doors draw a mature and stylish environment that attracts with its pure rustic charm.




In the living room the occupants can have their afternoon tea in a place full of sunlight, allowed by three separate windows arranged in a quarter-rounded shape.

Another rustic accent can be found in the bathroom, which has been renovated form its original state.




One of the most fantastic places in the apartment is the sensual bedroom full of natural textiles brought from Mexico.




A thing is remarkable about this apartment – it is the fine mixture between old and new, fading out the boundary between outdated and contemporary. While the authentic paint that has been left on the door and the rustic cupboard add unique timeless experience, the classic furniture and contemporary lighting bring one into the present time. This imaginary journey trough space and time can actually be felt for real. Everything here is simple, stylish and ordered with a purpose.




A romantic photography beautifies the far wall on the way down the stairs. Classic chandelier reminds of the professional approach inside.




A red bucket full of seasonal flowers welcomes the visitors in the company of old, rustic chest of drawers. When one gets to the second floor he desires even more intriguing ideas.




The Family’s Apartment




The second apartment has a more cozy interior and mild leitmotif nuances. The place is also represented by soft neutral textiles and antique furniture.




Once you see the dining room, rustic emotions flow immediately into your body. These pieces of furniture have been collected several years by the homeowners. Some of them has been bought form Craiglist and some of them are antique shop findings. An interesting fact is that the ceiling has been sealed thus acquiring the present state.




There is another gas fireplace in the second apartment, as you can see. It was the homeowners’ decision to get the dining are as closer to the fireplace as they could. Everything here has a vintage, retro rustic appearance. An unusual textural element has been added by a tubmleweed.




This living room is far away in design than the one form the another apartment. Rustic wooden table and wicker chair are used for functional purposes, while the abstract artwork and its wooden stand, as well as the natural fiber rug are those decorative items that create a memorable space of tranquility and coziness.




This piece of furniture has its own story. It has been renovated by placing new covering as well as hand-carved wooden frame. Its appearance refers to classic periods in interior but it goes very natural with the rest of the eclectic mixture.




A small bedroom can be as charmed as this one, if it has the proper choice of white and gray palettes.




What a beautiful and cozy kitchen for all those women that love the strong character living in their interior, who love the true values in life. You can see the unique vintage Gurney gas stove that holds the memories of old times. This kind of room is something like an improvised solarium where you can sunbath while reading an interesting novel or just daydreaming.


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