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corner furniture reading nook brown furnitures cozy blue chair and lamp

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If there is a home space which defines coziness, it is a reading nook. This comfortable and warm spot offers an escape from the busy day and guarantees moments of relaxation. The reading corner is great to have at home because it invites you to forget your worries and enjoy a good story.


bright white reading nook decorative pillows wall lamp cozy place in the house


The reading corner is a wonderful place to have during the autumn and winter, when we generally spend more time indoors. When the weather outside is getting cold and unpleasant, a cozy reading chair provides a sense of comfort and a great opportunity to get recharging me-time.



cozy reading chair country style reading nook on blue wall brown sofa wooden table portrait pictures on the wall


There is no strict recipe for creating a reading space in your home, but we want to offer some reading nook ideas which will inspire you to create your own little corner. Not every home has enough space for a library or a study, that is why a reading nook is a great alternative. It requires very little space and can be fitted even under a window or the stairs, or at the end of a hallway. A big window is a good spot for a reading nook, which can be located under the sill or around it. Such an area is usually very light and offers beautiful views.


cozy reading nook with small windows and snoy view books under sofia


great pink idea for reading nook cozy home


Inspiring-Window-Reading-Nook cozy wooden nook brown carpet hut style wooden house


The main idea of a reading area is to be comfortable and relaxing, so the best reading corner furniture is a sofa, an armchair or even an arrangement of bean bags. Some people have their reading nook furniture custom made to fit the space and style of their home.


minimalistic reading nook in grey colors purple lamp


modern reading nook colorful sofa carpet modern lamp Smart-way-to-stack-up-the-books-in-the-reading-nook


Rustic style reading wooden nook brown leather comfy chair leather carpet two lamps


Since it is a reading area, it is important to have some good books at hand. Shelving is a convenient and stylish option for any size reading space. Lighting is also important, so a nice lamp is a great addition.


modern reading nook web chair white nook alternative reading nook ideas


reading nook in living room bright colors war colors


The reading corner is a simple area which should not be overcrowded. This is a place for relaxation which is preferably not distracting or busy. However, that does not mean it should lack personality. Little details like blankets, pillows, candles and book holders give the reading nook special charm.


tiny book nook for small apartaments reading corner ideas


corner cozy funrniture cozy reading nook ideas folklore colors


cozy reading nook under tha stairs with two chairs


For more privacy, the reading corner can be separated by curtains, transparent sliding doors or a stylish room divider. Do not forget to decorate your cozy reading nook with colorful pillows, warm throws, some good books and of course, a cup of something delicious and comforting!


Reading corner furniture corner nook dark colors


eco friendly cozy reading nook corner funrniture place for reading


reading nook corner in green white table and cozy home


crazy reading nook corner place books and pictures on the wall colorful pillows


cozy reading chair orange fireplace wooden table colorful carpet white nook


corner furniture reading nook brown furnitures cozy blue chair and lamp


brazilian style reading nook comfortable black chair nook ideas


Enjoy the fall outside in the company of your favorite book!

Author - Betty Stefanova


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