Modern Table Lamps As Inspiration

Table Lamps Bamboo Modern design designer idea-modern lamps

F-Modern table lamps as inspiration for your home


Modern table lamps as inspiration for your room furnishings

The articles in our contemporary collection serve not only as decoration, but as indispensable accent pieces in modern living space. We proudly present you modern table lamps for 2017.

From practical to magnificent: both the functionality and the design play big roles in making these luminaires. The impressive, sleek designs dispense with some essential elements (e.g. the lampshade) for an unconventional look.

This led lamp consists of two glass parts connected by an aluminium ring and silicone coating. The ravishing model imitates a glass drop.


Bauhaus designer Table Lamps glass LED lighting-modern lamps

Bauhaus Designer Table Lamp


The clean and straight lines of this table lamp with brackets are flexible and can be erected in different positions. The functional design coupled with a timeless presence could be installed where it is needed.


Original elegantly slim working table lamp bracket metal-modern lamps

Practical Elegant Working Table Lamp


The traditional wooden table lamp is interpreted here in a modern manner. This well-proportioned model convinces by its decorative elements and harmonious looking lampshade. The designer piece is suitable for any room.


Wooden table lamps-modern lamps

Wooden Beautiful Table Lamp


This modern floor lamp reminds of the Asian furnishing style with its bamboo-woven umbrella. This fantastic designer luminaire in black stands out from the competitors. In which room would you use this lamp?



Table Lamps Bamboo Modern design designer idea-modern lamps

Modern Design Black Floor Lamp



The next table lamp in a dark leather look is a real eye-catcher and because of its size it occupies quite a lot of space. The retro look would be best suited to a home décor in brown and yellow.


Table Lamps Luxury design-modern lamps

Brown Leather Table Lamp


This petite and feminine design creates the illusion of draping. Very high, this table lamp reminds of bygone times and is very much in the center of the room.


Wonderful white table lamps-modern lamps

Beautiful Retro Style White Table Lamp


Have you enjoyed our contemporary ideas for room design with modern table lamps? Here are some more inspiring lamps that can make your home really bright and cozy:


Ceramic table Lamps-modern lamps

Ceramic Desk Lamps


Designer table Lamp High-gloss steel-modern lamps

Minimal Style White Lamp


Elegante Tischleuchte Rosa-Moderne Lampen

Retro Pink Desk Lamp


Exclusive table lamp with Holzsokel black sleek stylish-modern lamps

Handy Working Tall Desk Lamp


hotel wall lamp Metal lamp screen-modern lamps

Wall Hotel Lamp


Lighting ideas Table Lamp light grey modern-modern lamps

Modern Table Lamp


Luxury Design designer Table lamp copper-modern lamps

Cooper Ornamented Table Lamp


Luxury designer Table Lamp black high gloss-modern lamps

Beautiful Oval Black Table Lamp


Table Lamps Design Lamps high-gloss modern lamps

White Table Lampa


Table Lamps Design white high-gloss modern lamps

White High-Gloss Lamp


Table lamps in modern and functional design-modern lamps

Functional Design Lamps


White Bauhaus look table lamps design-modern lamps

Bauhaus Look Table Lamp


Table lamps Modern metal base-modern lamps

Desk Metal Lamp


White Modern table lamps-modern lamps

White Tall Table Lamp



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