Pet-Friendly Interior Design Tips





Pet-Friendly Interior Design Tips

Many people may argue that decor and furnishing can truly make a home, however, we can’t forget the power of our furry little friends! Pets certainly do become a part of the family, and their presence in our homes means that keeping things in order and as clean as possible can prove more difficult than usual; particularly if you have a cat or dog.

From pesky stray hairs to the odd accident; ensuring your interior is as pet-friendly as possible can easily be done in a few simple yet effective steps. Not only will your home be in better order, but your pet is sure to feel the benefits of having a safe and happy environment to live in. Art Windows and Doors have created an infographic featuring some top tips from experts on how to ensure your home is pet-friendly, some of which we have included in this article.

Fabric Furnishings

When choosing any soft furnishing that your pet is likely to come into contact with such as a sofa or armchair, make sure you go for a shade that will hide any loose hairs . Neutral or grey sofas are a great choice, as these often hide hairs and go with most other colour schemes and styles. You might also want to consider laying out a blanket on the sofa for your pet so you can simply clean that instead of the whole piece of furniture after they’ve had a lie down. Leather is also a wise choice instead of materials accustomed to pet hair such as chenille or velvet as it can easily be wiped clean and doesn’t hold hair as much.

‘Wipeable’ Walls and Easy-Clean Flooring

With cats and dogs often on the move, and spending a lot of time outdoors, they can sometimes bring in unwanted mess such as mud, grass and sand. Having laminate flooring is essential as this is a lot easier to clean than carpet and also won’t stain or trap unpleasant odours. You can also opt for wipeable wallpaper and waterproof paint, which are both particularly useful in high traffic areas such as hallways, bathrooms and landings so that no mess or accident is made permanent.

Dodge Harsh Chemicals

Something that can easily be forgotten is the potential damaging impact of certain materials in the home due to the toxic chemicals they contain. Carpets are usually manufactured using chemicals which are toxic and can be very harmful for your pet if they come into contact with it as they are regularly released into the air. A rug is ideal for adding a touch of comfort to your home that still remains practical, as long as you opt for one free from any glues or dyes; low pile is also wise as it reduces the risk of your pet getting their claws stuck. A darker colour is best to effectively hide any small stains.

Set Boundaries

There are bound to be some no go areas within your home that you just don’t want your pet having access to, perhaps for safety reasons or simply so they don’t damage any of the decor within that area. It is recommended that you invest in some kind of gate to section this area off, your pet will soon become aware of this boundary and it will put your mind at ease knowing you can relax in another room and there is no way of them sneaking somewhere they shouldn’t be!

Safety First

Consider taking safety precautions such as using fire guards if any of your pets tend to have free roam of the house and also consider things such as plants and how they might negatively affect your pet. Certain plants are known for being toxic to animals, as are certain foods so ensure you’re constantly aware of this and don’t put your animal’s health as risk for the sake of something looking good.

Which pet-friendly interior tips will you be taking on board?



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