Unforgettable Experience Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

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Sometimes you don’t need to wait for the holiday season, for a birthday or an anniversary to make someone happy with a gift. If you want to show love and appreciation to your loved one give them something they will never forget.


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Experiences, not things are some of the most personal and thoughtful presents that make a lasting impression. Read on to discover why it is better to give experiences instead of gifts and some fun experience gift ideas for inspiration.


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Experiences are always trendy

Accessories and clothes go out style very quickly, so does technology, but a cool experience will be remembered forever. A trip to Paris, a visit to Disneyland or a beautiful nature park will always be the best present.


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Scientists prove it

Scientists know how our brains work and they have discovered that a gift makes us feel good initially but with time this feeling fades away and the object becomes an ordinary part of our lives. But the feeling you get from an experience increases with time and stays in your memory.


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Hiking at sunrise, for example, is among the best couples experiences or if you are a more active couple try a rafting experience. You will remember the fun you had and will feel great about doing these experience activities together.


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Memories last forever

Memories don’t break or stop working like things do. They are snapshots in time with the people we love the most.


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This is exactly what makes them so valuable. Plus, you don’t need to go far to do something memorable. It’s about going out and spending some quality time with your loved one.


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You don’t share things

It’s hard to share things, but experiences are meant to be shared. Instead of giving your partner a bottle of expensive wine, why don’t you take them to a wine tasting weekend? There will be more than enough wine around, plus they will learn how it is made and will feel the atmosphere at a winery.


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Who needs more stuff?

We have it all and we don’t need more. Living proof for that is the growing minimalism movement where people are starting to declutter their homes and live with less. Fewer things, more memories that spark joy, this is what we all need!

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By now we hope you are convinced and inspired to surprise your loved one with a unique experience. However, we all know that there is something special about unwrapping a surprise gift.


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You can make it happen, just be creative and print a picture of the activity you are planning or give a voucher/certificate to your loved one.

experience gift ideas people tasting wine

The expression on their face will be priceless. Guaranteed!


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