Is Farmhouse Décor Still Modern?

Kitchen in Farmhouse Décor

Farmhouse style decor with wooden furniture


Farmhouse style doesn’t necessarily mean you need to own or live on a farm or turn your city apartment into one. However, it does mean you are decorating your space with a practical and simple mindset that often comes with living in the country. Instead of bright colours, the simple farmhouse style calls for soothing colour schemes and natural elements.


Wooden furniture in the living room and a dog next to the bed


The traditional farmhouse style may be too country vintage for a city home, but the best thing about this design is that it is open to interpretation. Here are some common trends which prove that the this style is still very modern.



Neutral colours

Modern farmhouse bathroom


The first step towards a farmhouse look is definitely the neutral pain on the walls. Avoid dark, bright or flashy shades and keep everything in soft beige, grey or cream if you don’t like white. Having these colors on the walls sets the tone for the farmhouse style. Keep all the walls within the same color scheme.


Mix old and new

Modern and old farmhouse kitchen decor with tables, plants and a wall watch


Take a trip to the vintage home decor stores in your area and get some beautiful things for your farmhouse inspired home.


Farmhouse decor with wooden table and moder chandeliers


Farmhouse decor of living room with wooden furniture, cushions and pumpkins as decor on the table


Instead of using standard vases for your flowers use something unexpected that has a vintage flair to it.


Farmhouse decorated table with flowers and candles


Wooden farmhouse living room decor


Incorporating old things and using them in a practical way is a big factor in farmhouse style because it inspired you to recycle and repurpose.


Incorporate wood

Farmhouse decor in a hall and living room with a nature view


Wood is what brings the outdoors in, so try adding it in various forms into your décor for a more farmhouse and rustic look.


Old and modern living room decor with a fireplace


Wooden kitchen table


Wooden living room decoration with modern lamp


Use wooden furniture or make DIY décor out of wood. This will tie everything together. The use of wood is very typical for both the modern and classic farmhouse designs.


Use old furniture

Wooden living room decor


If you have furniture that is looking worn out you can easily fresh it up with paint. You will not believe in the transformation. Don’t worry if you are not a professional painter, the shabbier it looks the better.


Old and small wardrobe with books, plants and a lamp on it


Old furniture in a living room with a huge chandelier


Keeping the furniture in the same color scheme pulls the entire space together.


Wire Baskets Décor

Wire baskets with flowers


Wire baskets are a very easy and simple way to get a rustic, farmhouse look in your home. There are so many ways to use them!


Wire baskets for fruits and a wooden table with a clock and mugs


Wire baskets ideas


Try adding a few to your walls or use them to store pillows and blankets next to your sofa.


Add dimension

Shiplap farmhouse wall decor


One thing which is very typical for the farmhouse style is that the walls are full of texture and dimension. Start small and consider adding a beadboard, wainscoting or shiplap in your home. It will immediately change the look and feel of any space.


Farmhouse shiplap decor


Farmhouse inspired living room with mixed old and modern furniture


If you like the farmhouse style but you wonder if it is still trendy, the answer is YES. What’s more, with movements like zero waste, minimalism and simple living gaining popularity, we believe this style will become even more preferred in the coming years.


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