Which Indoor Plants You Should Have at Home


Indoor plants are one of the things that can take your home to the next level. From clean air to green décor- there is a list of benefits of having indoor plants around your home. However, it may be tricky to choose and know which varieties are suitable for your indoor conditions and the type of care they need.


woman potting indoor plants on a table


If you haven’t had plants before, you are probably wondering where to start. We have a list of the best plants to have in your home. Add these to your interior and start reaping all the great benefits right away.


Peace Lily

peace lily in a white pot in a home interior



Peace lily is a popular choice and among the plants that produce most oxygen. In fact, It has been chosen by NASA as one of the best air purifying indoor plants. It has beautiful glossy foliage and gorgeous white flowers. The peace lily thrives in bright places with indirect light. The plant needs little watering, once a week during the summer and less often during winter. It hates wet soil and dust on the foliage. The peace lily is not the best option if you have pets and children.


Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern on a white background on a shelf


Maidenhair Fern can be a beautiful addition to your home. It has feathery, light leaves with shiny stems. It is also great for hanging. The maidenhair fern is not the easiest to maintain because it requires a warm and humid spot with enough light, but not too much. Still, it is a pretty option for any home.


Devil’s Ivy

Devil's Ivy tall indoor plant in a living room interior


Devil’s Ivy is a fast-growing vine that you can put anywhere in the house. This plant is low maintenance and looks stunning. The leaves are heart-shaped and waxy and their color may vary greatly. You have varieties with white and green, greyish or green-yellow shade. The Devil’s Ivy is highly drought tolerant but it needs regular fertilization.


Mass Cane

Woman holding a pot with a large mass cane plant in a living room background


plant in a modern home environment with a black and white painting


If you are a beginner, this plant is an excellent choice. It is also an office staple and has tall stems and long, green leaves. If you are looking for a large plant, the mass cane is an excellent choice. It feels best in indirect bright light but it can also tolerate lower light, and it needs watering every week. Keep in mind that it is toxic for pets, so it is not a good option if you have furry friends.



many blossoming indoor plants arranged on a table with three chairs


The bromeliad is low maintenance, beautifully colored indoor plant. It needs medium to bright light and good drainage. You can water it once a week and less during the winter but you need to make sure there is no water stagnation. Fertilize once a season.


Snake Plant

snake plant in a modern white pot on a wooden shelf with a speaker next to it

Large snake plant in a living room interior


If you want to place a plant in a spot with little or no sunlight you need to pick carefully. There are many plants that require no light but one of the most popular among them is the snake plant. It requires very little light to thrive and doesn’t like cold. Since the snake plant is a succulent it can tolerate drought too. The snake plant is excellent for beginners.

Whether you are dreaming of a house full of plants or a single happy plant, you can start right here. All of the indoor plants in this list are perfect for both beginners and advanced green thumbs. Pick one of these and enjoy all the benefits of having beautiful, greenery in your home.


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