What is TRULLO Architecture and Where can we see it

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The trullo architecture is very authentic and beautiful. Moreover, the famous trulli houses are not hard to find. Big part of them you can find in the Itria Valley and in particular the town of Alberobello about 40 miles from the port of Bari.


white trullo houses authentic back yard


Some of the oldest trulli date to the 14th century and the architectural ensemble in Alberobello joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1996.


What is a Trullo?

trullo architecture white trullo entrance staircase old chair



The trullo is a small, dry-stone building in a distinctive style. It has a conical roof which is very specific for the Itria Valley in Puglia, Italy. You can find trulli not only in Alberobello but in other regions of Italy as well. Their name comes  from Greek and means cupola.


street with trullo houses people on the street white houses trulli Italy Puglia

trullo architectural style trulli yard with stones white houses stone roofs


The trullo houses have thick walls and their single-storey layout made them unsuitable for urban areas. They only had a doorway built into the outside walls making them extremely dark inside. The design of the trulli is especially fit for the countryside. They were single buildings or groups of several houses for a single family.


How were they built?

Modern Trulli tourist street souvenir shops stone roofs houses


The trulli houses were built in the dry-stone tradition which is a construction technique used in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. The ones  in Puglia are very authentic and typical with their corbelled roofs and whitewashed walls.


trullo house interior window with a view kitchen

Modern trullo interior stylish home white walls


Another typical feature for many trullis are the pinnacles or pinnacoli which come in various shapes. The trulleros or the builders used them to identify their work. Several of the houses feature symbols such as evil eyes or crosses as well as different Christian and pagan signs painted in white on the roofs. The people of Puglia have taken great care in preserving the trulli. That is because they care deeply about keeping the authenticity and the architectural history of their region.


Modern Day Trulli

Modern trullo architecture two bycicles stone walls

Beautiful trulli back yard architecture evening


People are still building trulli but for different reasons. Many of the existing ones belong to foreigners and are now  comfortable homes with individual style. The whitewashed walls and unusual shape give the trulli an exotic and exciting look. Also, they offer a unique space suitable for a holiday or residential home.


Trulli vacation homes back yard ottomans seating typical roofs


The trullo architecture is world famous for its authentic look and traditional shape. Most importantly, it has become a symbol of Italy and Puglia. The pretty white houses are picture perfect and represent the spirit of the Mediterranean, Greek and Italian culture. If you want to enjoy them in all their beauty, plan a visit to beautiful Alberobello one of the best vacation spots in Europe.


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