The Aftermath Of The Fires In Australia and Ways We Can Help

Forest fires in Australia one billion animals killed

The fires in Australia went out of control this season and killed a billion of wild animals. Meanwhile, those remaining are struggling to survive in a scorched landscape.

Australia was in the grip of the worst wildfire season in its history. As a result, homes have been destroyed, people and animals have been killed and an area larger than Portugal has burned down. An estimated 1 billion birds, wild mammals, koala species and reptiles have perished.


What caused the fire?

Fires in Australia land burning coastline


The very dry season in Australia is the reason for the devastating fire. Record-breaking temperatures, accompanied by extended drought and strong winds that created disastrous fire conditions. Also, several heat waves hit Australia during the season and record hot days.



Fires in Australia fire truck in a forest huge wildfire


According to scientists, climate change is the reason behind the fire. They have predicted long ago that Australia’s bush fires will become more frequent as climate change worsens. Moreover, the country is normally dry and hot in the summer, but climate change has an additional negative effect making the conditions worse.


The aftermath of the fires in Australia

The Aftermath Of The Fires In Australia firegifhter forest fire


There have been fires in Australia before but the scale of this year’s tragedy is without a precedent. The fire has been burning differently and spread faster on a much larger scale this season. Now, deathly silence is the first thing that strikes anyone who goes into the forest after the fire. The aftermath of the devastating fire is shocking! Millions of acres of land have burned, thousands of homes were destroyed almost a billion wild animals were killed.

Also, 20 people lost their lives in the blazes among them a volunteer firefighter, the third to die this season. The fire has been catastrophic for the ecosystem as several animal species have been pushed closer to extinction. In addition,  there is real concern for other animals and migrating birds.


Australia Sydney Opera by night thank you message firefighters

air-dropping vegetables for starving animals wild animal eating carrots


Recovery will probably be slower than before because re-vegetation depends on rainfall which has been very unpredictable. For example, some tree species, which are key resources for animals, take years and years to recover.


Australia wildlife after the fires burned forest lonely kangaroo

Kangaroo in the forest fires in australia field forest bush wildlife


The catastrophic fire conditions put intense pressure and focus on the government to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, which traps the heat that goes in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, Australia’s government has found it difficult to reach a political consensus on climate change and energy.


How can we help Australia?

Koala close up rescued koala in pink blanket

We can help the victims of the fires in Australia by donating to organizations like:

WWF – The organization will plant 10,000 trees to help save the habitat of the koalas.

WIRES Wildfire Rescue – Australia’s largest wildfire rescue organization.

Zoo Victoria emergency fund – The funds are for emergency veterinary assistance.

RSPCA of New South Wales – This organization is working to evacuate animals in threatened areas.

Donating money to organizations is only one step in the process, the next one is for each and every one of us take responsilibity for their lifestyle.

Climate change has devastating effect on our Planet. Unfortunately, the Australia fires have already been predicted thirty years ago by scientists.  To sum it up, the aftermath is a painful lesson for all of us. It teaches us to  take climate change seriously and do everything possible to help Australia and the victims of the tragedy.


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