Dangerous Things to do in Iceland

Group of tourists exploring Iceland

Group of tourists exploring Iceland


Nature in Iceland is great, though very dangerous and even deadly as well. Many tourists have died there due to extreme contrasts in nature and weather conditions in this so-called “Land of ice and fire”.

The Icelanders are sending an appeal that everyone should read the safety instructions before traveling there. What to look out for in Iceland:


Deadly beaches

Waves at Reynisfjara beach



Many beaches in Iceland are tourist attractions as for example the Black Reynisfjara Beach. It is visited by millions of tourists who admire the black sand, but also the huge waves from the North Atlantic.

But these waves are extremely unpredictable and the ice cold water can overlap you for a while while standing on the beach.


Woman in the strong waves


Almost every day, someone is affected by these sudden waves. Some end up with wet shoes and clothing or a destroyed camera,but several people have been tragically deceased.


Unstable glaciers

Iceland´s glaciers


The lighthouse with glaciers Jökulsárlón – impressive and paradise for photographers when the light is reflected by huge glaciers. There are people in the lagoon who go after the ice, although tour guides advise not to do so. Some go on floating glaciers to make unforgettable selfies.

Even when the ice seems to be connected to the mainland and is safe to walk, it can come to the crack. Then it can be separated. There is a danger of turning over and you end up in incredibly cold water. You can stay in it just minutes before you get hypothermia and you can die.


The erratic weather

A person fighting with the strong wind


In Iceland there is a saying “If you do not like the time, wait 5 minutes”. Weather is constantly changing unadulterated. It can change dramatically in the same place in a few seconds or vary dramatically from one location to another. On one side there may be rain, and on the other side sun. So you can drive through the rain, snow, sun, wind, and mist in just one hour and even in just a few minutes.


Person walking through the heavy snow in Iceland


Never underestimate the weather of Iceland. Especially the strong wind. If you strike a storm when you are outdoors without a shelter in the vicinity, you may be seriously injured. Therefore, when going to hiking you must be ready for any time with layers and layers of clothing.


Driving on the side of the marked roads

Icelandic road
In Iceland this is illegal. This way you damage nature and put yourself in a risky situation. When you go on a mountain trip, you must have a special vehicle if you do not want to get stuck and wait for help for hours.


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