The Advantages of a Glamping Vacation

Glamping girl with a dog

Glambing outdoors in the forest


Summer is here and it is the perfect time to enjoy living outdoors with all the comforts of your home. Yes, this is possible and is called glamping vacation or glamorous camping. It involves traditional camping facilities but with all the comforts of a real home.


Cozy glamping tent with a view on the sea
Camping vacations are old-school, posh camping is the new way of enjoying the outdoors. There are countless advantages of glamping and we are here to share some of them and to prepare you for a glamping vacation this summer. Are you ready to enjoy the warm days in comfort and style?


Luxury Glamping tent with wooden bed, vintage cushion, carpets and chandelier



Here are the top benefits of glamping.


Beautiful glamping locations

Glamping in the countryside


The best part about glamping is the unusual places you can visit. Serene beaches, soaring mountains and idyllic countryside settings, there are so many gorgeous places to go glamping.


Woman glamping and surrounded with palm trees and cactuses


Early evening glamping in Utah with hippie tents


In addition to the beautiful surrounding landscape at the glamping locations, you can stay in cosy tipis, tents and tree houses with all the comforts of home.


The Outdoors

Glamping tent in the form of a dome


Most of the glamping sites are located in national parks and wild areas.


Luxury camping in a meadow with rocks behind


Lodge ecocamp tents in the form of dome in Patagonia


Bubble tents with breathtaking view


Here you will enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking views. Enjoying the sunset from your tent is something you don’t want to miss.


It’s Green and Clean

Dome shaped glamping tents in the forest


The major benefits of glamping compared to traditional camping is the lack of dirt.

Man enjoying a nice view in front of his glamping spot


Fancy tent in the forest with two wooden chairs in front of it


Luxury camping tent with wooden furniture


The accommodations are exceptionally clean with running hot water, real beds and wooden floors.

Glamping Vacation on a Budget

Person enjoying in a bubble shaped tent hanging on a tree with a nice view on the meadows


Glamping can actually save you some money. When compared to hotels, glamping offers unique experiences at a much lower cost.


Hippie glamping tent with chairs in front and a campfire


Fancy camping tent outdoors


Do your research online and you will be surprised by the great deals on offer.

It’s Spacious and Warm

Woman holding a dog and standing in front of their glamping tent


Glamping accommodations are much more spacious than traditional camping tents. They have a heater to keep you warm and fans to keep you cool, so you will surely enjoy a comfortable


Glamping tent placed in the forest


Are you ready to go on a glamping vacation? Is it something you would enjoy?


Glamorous glamping with a couple enjoying the jacuzzi outdoors


It is the best combination of outdoor fun and maximum comfort, so if you love Nature but you also appreciate a warm bed and running water, you will enjoy glamping.


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