Feeling Adventurous? How to Get Last Minute Cruises?

Cruise ship on a port before departing

Cruise ship on a port with small houses and mountains around


Many people dream about going on a cruise. But often they procrastinate for different reasons; one of them is the price. However, getting a good bargain on a last minute cruise has never been easier. The internet is a terrific resource for great offers. Travel agencies regularly get deals from major cruise lines trying to fill ships that have already been scheduled. Still, getting a good price for last minute cruises has its pros and cons. Here are our tips and tricks for cruising on a budget.


Be flexible

Cruise before departing


If you are flexible with dates and times you are most likely to get a great price for a cruise. You will get what’s left after all the early travel planners have made their choice. Most probably you will not get to choose your cabin, but if you are not so much into the details you are likely to enjoy a discounted price.



Book on time

Open jacuzzi on a cruise


The last call for most sea cruises is 60 to 90 days before departure. This is when you can take advantage of the last minute rates. At this point, the cruise line will know the exact number of cabins left in the cruise ship and they will sell them on reduced price.


Shop around

Cruise restaurant with wooden tables and chairs


Cruise lines have tight restrictions when it comes to agencies and discounts. Still, there are ways to access lower prices. Shop around for the best deals. There are agencies and websites specialized in last minute cruises, so browse through these or even give them a call. Often they will be able to offer you a good price if you really show interest and call them.


Read the fine print

Cruise lights and a sunset early evening


When you buy a last minute cruise on discounted prices always read the fine print very carefully. You need to be informed on exactly what your purchase entitles you to. Keep an eye for service fees or other taxes that aren’t included in the sale price. Also, check what kind of cabin you get for the price you are paying.


Adapt your calendar

A cruise ship and forests around


There is a reason why the prices are lower at a given time of the year. Most cruises around holidays or in the peak season are long sold out. However, some years, holiday or peak summer cruises don’t sell out like they usually do, so there are surprise bargains even on popular itineraries.
Book an affordable and easy cruise with these tips. Keep them in mind and don’t give up on your dream sailing only because it is too expensive at the moment.


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