The Spookiest Halloween Cakes


October is in full swing, so it is once again time to let out our spooky side. Whether you love Halloween or just want to feel festive, October 31st is the perfect occasion to have some fun. Nothing makes us feel like kids more than dressing up in costumes or putting out creepy decorations. However, we can also set our creativity free by preparing spooky Halloween cakes.


Spooky halloween white cake with skulls on top on a white plate white background

Halloween cake with black top and animal head candle holder


If you would like to turn your creepy treats into masterpieces this Halloween, then look at our appetizing suggestions below.




Halloween cakes ideas white cake with hands sticking out and spiders on a table with muffins and a candle

Spooky halloween cakes red cake with dark chocolate cake in the background


You can consider this dessert idea whenever you’d like to sweeten up your Halloween party. To make the cake base, you need to combine flour, cocoa powder, sugars, baking soda, salt and baking powder. Then gradually add and whisk buttermilk, eggs, vanilla, oil and coffee.


Halloween cake spider web with orange and black layers spider web in the background and a black spider

Halloween spider cake idea black spider with green eyes on a purple and white egg


You can make a crushed Oreo cookie frosting and then utilize scary spiders for the cake toppers. Also, do not forget to make spider web decorations by using pipe decorating gel.



Cute black bat cupcakes with blue topping yellow back and black heads


Bat cupcakes can be another great dessert idea you can easily try out this Halloween.


Spookiest bat cupcakes with purple topping, oreo ears and googly eyes

Halloween cupcake ideas googly eyes black topping


First, beat cake mix, oil, buttermilk, eggs and crushed cookies. Put the mixture in muffin cups and bake it around 15 min. Cool the cupcakes and then frost them with food colour. Split a chocolate wafer cookie in 2. Put each piece on each side of the cupcakes so that you can create bat wings. Utilize miniature sandwich cookies for the bat body, as well as white icing and candy for the eyes.


Halloween cakes graveyard surrounded with salty sticks and rich decoration


Here is how to turn any cake into one of the most amazing Halloween cakes your guests have ever tasted.


Halloween cake ideas black graveyard cake with skeletons on a black table

Halloween cake chocolate graveyard cake surrounded by mist and chocolate trees


Combine bittersweet chocolate and espresso-tinged batter to prepare a frosting that gives the illusion of loose soil. Stick a few Milano cookies so that they stand upright and their bottoms go into the cake. Then grab some black decorating icing and write gravestone messages on the faces of the cookies.



Witch halloween cake with colorful layers and purple bats on a bright orange background

Witch brooms for halloween chocolate sticks


If you have an obsession for witches, then this is your cake. Make a pumpkin looking cake base by stacking 2 bowl cakes on top of each other. Then, coat the outside of the cake with buttercream and roll out. Use buttercream and orange sugar paste to cover the cake and make it look blood-curdling red.


Purple and black witch halloween cake at a party with floral decorations

Cat and witch cake with black cats on top and a black cat on a broom on a wooden stand

Cute halloween witch cake in blue witch on a broom with a big grey flower


Naturally enough, you can easily buy different kinds of glitter cake toppers. However, we recommend that you create your own edible cake decorations by using sugar paste. For example, you can use black sugar paste for the pumpkin’s eyes and mouth. Also, you can make the witch’s body by rolling out green sugar paste. Then it is up to you to decorate her outfit according to your preferences.

Halloween cake ideas white ghost cupcakes gray cake on a metal stand

Halloween cat inspirations black cat cake with yellow ears, nose and moustache sticks


The list of spooky Halloween cakes can certainly go on and on. If you are looking for a true baking challenge, consider assembling a towering haunted house cake. Also, you can give your guests a good fright with a Frankenstein cake. Whatever you choose to try out, do not forget to put perfectionism aside and enjoy the process.


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