Spring-Up Your Workplace

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Work desk with coffee, laptop, calendar, notebooks and flowers


Spring is here and the sunny days are just starting. Now is the best time for a reset.  Make some small changes to get your mind and body in optimal condition for the summer ahead.

Most of us spend the bigger part of our days sitting and working. This can be a challenge to maintain a good mood and a healthy lifestyle. But by making a few adjustments, you can create a space and a routine that promote wellbeing, reduce stress and in the end, you are smiling more and you are more energetic.


Work desk nicely organized with picture frames, notebooks and flowers

We have prepared some spring ideas to help you transform your workplace and make it more inviting and cheerful.

Here is some spring inspiration!


Spring-clean your workplace

Man working in a well organized office


A cluttered space brings more stress, so take some time to get it organized and clean it well. This way it will promote creativity and will improve efficiency.


Clean desk with small figures and an empty cup of coffee

Messy desks are distracting
and make you feel more tired. By devoting time to organize your space you will feel much better and you will enjoy great benefits.

Add some

Beautiful flowers on a work desk put next to the laptop and surrounded with cute notebooks


Fresh flowers or potted plants bring so much colour and joy wherever you put them. They are some of the best spring decorations for the office. They smell nice and add a green vibe into your workplace, plus they are great for purifying the air in the space.


Woman stretching at her work place with closed eyes


Put deskercising in your daily routine. If you can’t pull yourself away for a walk, there are several easy ways to incorporate some movement into your regular work tasks. Some yoga stretches will do wonders for your neck and back.

Be aware of the stress

Essential oils on the work desk


We all take stress in different ways, but it is so important to know it is there and what form it’s taking. The effects of long-term stress can be damaging to your body and mind. So, be aware of the stress and develop some habits of dealing with it, for example, deep breathing or mudras for relaxation.


Small accessories at a work place with a clock and notes on the wall

Add some objects in your office like photos, an aroma diffuser or anything else that takes your mind off of things and makes you smile. One of our favourite spring design ideas is to add some pastel colored accessories and stationery.


Make most of the morning

Woman doing yoga at her work place


Studies have shown that people who wake up early and are productive in the mornings are happier and less stressed. Make the effort to wake up earlier and prep yourself for the day. If you work from home, equip your office with a yoga mat and start your day with some stretching.


Easy Spring Crafts

Different papers, crafts, pencils and notes on the wall


Create something for your office with your own hands. This will automatically transfer the joy you invested into crafting in your daily work life. Decorate an old frame, paint something or create a beautiful flower arrangement. These are easy spring crafts you can do on a weekend or even enjoy with the kids.

Making one or all of these simple shifts will give you a new focus and will refresh you and your workplace. Get ready for spring and set yourself up for personal and professional success.


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