Ideas for Coastal Home Décor

Beach home with coastal decor

Wooden living room


The light coastal décor has the power to lift the mood and brighten any living space. That’s why it is one of the most loved interior design styles, especially during the summer.


Cozy coastal living room nice wooden chairs and nice cushions


If you don’t own a beach home, don’t worry you can achieve the vibe of the coastal style homes easily with some décor. From easy, breezy materials like rattan to accessories inspired by sea elements like seashells, it’s impossible to not be impressed by a bright beachy home interior.



Very cozy living room with a hammock near the window


We can’t wait to share some of the trendiest ideas for modern coastal interior design.


Go bold

Coastal lamp in the corner with picture frames and books in front of it


Vibrant, bright colours are iconic in the coastal interior. From Brazilian blue to pink Hawaiian sand, turquoise waters and lush greenery, the inspiration is endless. Pick a statement area in your home and go bold with colour.


Living room with big chandelier and coastal decor


Cozy corner in the house with a mirror on the wall and a surfing desk in the corner


Front doors are an easy and impactful boost to your home’s appeal so you can start there.


Add fibres

Cozy living room decor with striped carpet


Coastal homes are not complete without the texture of natural fibre.


Natural rug in a beach house


Coastal interior of a living room with a natural fiber rug


Whether it’s seagrass, sisal or rattan, incorporating woven materials into the interior décor connects the outdoors and the indoors. Furthermore, it brings a casual feel to any home.


Natural fiber rug in the middle of a living room decorated with nice flowers


Huge living room decorated with nice natural rugs and cozy cushions on the sofas

The easiest way to introduce fibres into the interior is by adding a natural fibre rug, it is durable and works well in any space.


Layered neutrals

Dog standing near the sofa


An all-white room is known to promote a sense of calm. But it can easily fall flat. Add variety by using varied textures and shades.


Coastal house decor with a small dog sitting on a bed


Pair crisp white walls with concrete, bleached natural fibre and whitewashed surfaces. Accents of wood, beige and greenery warm any space up.


Let the light in

Room on an open space with a natural fiber rug


The bright summer sunlight is one of the most important aspects of coastal interior design.


Sheer curtains in a coastal house


Beach house with candles' chandelier


Sheer curtains are perfect because they provide privacy but still keep the airy quality that’s so attractive about beach homes.


Mix It

Bedroom with a flamingo picture above the bed and flowers next to it


Interior of a beach house


The beach home interior is the perfect place to play with patterns. Feel free to experiment, but make sure you stick with the patterns in the same colour scheme. Blue and beige are obvious choices – layer geometrics, florals, stripes and abstracts to spice things up. Another great thing is that you can really get creative.


Rustic coastal living room with picture hanging on a wooden wall


Coastal living room with a wooden table in the middle and flowers on it


A beautiful coastal home doesn’t require views of palms and sea waves, although that’s certainly a bonus. With a few dreamy design ideas, every day can be a beach day no matter where your home is. We hope our ideas for bringing coastal style to your home have inspired you for a little summer makeover.


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