8 Places You Must Visit in 2019

Secret waterfall in The Philippines

Desert in Namibia with mountains in the distance


Just like in fashion there are trends the same can be seen in travel. We cannot explain the logic of why you should go to these places, but it seems everybody does. According to the latest travel news and readers tips, there are several locations which are a must visit in 2019. Here is the selection of the 8 places you must visit this year.


People walking around a desert in Namibia


Namibia is one of those countries that made it to the travel sections of various magazines and travel channels.



Guest houses in Namibia with cozy lights and small hills around


Romantic candles around the small hills and a couple reaching their dinner table


It is true that there you can see some of the most otherworldly landscapes because it is one of the most sparsely populated countries on our planet. This country will give visitors a brand new, fresh focus on Africa and its people.



Boats on the sea and mosques behind them


Turkey is coming back among the most lavish locations. Istanbul’s brand new airport, which is expected to be the biggest in the world, will open soon. This means millions of new passengers annually.


Sunset in Istanbul with a view of a mosque and the Bosphorus


Major cruise lines are also coming back after a pause of almost three years. There are new luxury hotels and amazing places to enjoy this huge city full of culture and history.


The Philippines

Woman on a small boat around the clean waters and rocks in The Philippines


There is no better way to replace the urban environment with a white-sand tropical paradise. The Philippines offer pastel sunsets, palm trees and beaches.


Man jumping in a waterfall surrounded with trees and rocks


In fact, it has been recently voted one of the most instagramable places on Earth. The islands are a mecca for the surfers and snorkelers.



Tourists exploring Berlin on a boat with view on historical buildings


Berlin has developed from a bleak and divided city to one of the cultural capitals of Europe. The Art, food and music scene are thriving.


Graffiti and nicely decorated corner in Berling


The nightlife is amazing, the food is eclectic, the design breathtaking – there are so many reasons to visit Germany’s capital in 2019.



View on The Andes in Bolivia


The Andes have been a magnet for travelers for decades and if they are not in your checklist, you must put them there ASAP. Most travelers head to Chile, Peru, Argentina, but neighbouring Bolivia is usually skipped and deemed inaccessible.


People having a walk on the beach and a clean sky


But this is exactly why you should visit! There is so much to see from the Witches’ Market to Incan ruins and massive Lake Titicaca – Bolivia has a lot to offer.



People in traditional clothes dancing in front of a cathedral in Mexico


Cabo San Lucas has been a hotspot for a very long time. But in 2019 it is becoming even more popular.


Couple taking a picture on a balcony with Cabo San Lucas behind


The reason for this are the many great openings on the peninsula which offer a whole new way of experiencing infinity pools and filling Instagram with breathtaking pictures.



Pyramid in Egypt


Everyone is expecting the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum. There is already a waitlist for the boat trips along the Nile and the city hotels.


Woman in a dress turned with the back looking at the pyramids


Buildings in Egypt


After some tumultuous years, Egypt is coming back on traveller’s wish lists. After all, there is no better place to see the remains of ancient civilizations and cultures.



House in a Japanese style with floral trees around and a snowy mountain hill behind it


Japan in 2019? Isn’t it hosting the Olympics in 2020? Yes, everybody thinks 2020 will be the moment to visit Japan, but actually as the country prepares for the big event the atmosphere is really exciting. There is so much happening there – hotel openings, art exhibitions and so much more.


Japanese building placed in a yard full of floral trees


How far are you in your 2019 travel checklist? Maybe there is a free spot to add one of these beautiful destinations.


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